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TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS’ DOUBLE STANDARD FOR STUDENT BEHAVIOR – The Good news?…..School choice legislation will drain the public education swamp.


DESOTO (TX) HIGH SCHOOL – Sept. 23, 2016


Prior to the Dallas-area Desoto versus Cedar Hill high school football game on September 23rd, most of the DeSoto cheerleaders “took a knee” during the National Anthem, disrespecting the Anthem and the American flag.  Their actions were supportive of NFL football player Colin Kaepernick’s anti-police protest.


This protest came in the wake of five Dallas police officers being murdered by anti-police terrorist Micah Johnson in July.


Dallas neighborhoods display a forest of “Back the Blue” yard signs.  Trees are wrapped in wide blue ribbons.


In spite of the underlying tragedy, Desoto superintendent Dr. David Harris issued a statement that he “respects the students’ First Amendment rights”, and called the action a peaceful, non-confrontational action for students to communicate their frustrations and fears.


Democrat Texas senator Royce West jumped on the bandwagon.  West commented, “Young people are expressing their frustration with what’s going on in America.  It should be a wake up call for all of us that we’ve got to give them a reason to understand that they can trust the criminal justice system”.


ARCHER CITY (TX) HIGH SCHOOL – November 11, 2016


During a regional volleyball tournament in Snyder, Texas,  Archer City, a predominately white high school, played Hispanic dominated Fort Hancock.  Archer City students chanted “build the wall, build the wall”, and waved Trump-Pence signs in support of the President-elect’s immigration policy.


The negative response was immediate.  Archer City superintendent C. D. Knobloch stated, “We have been in contact with Fort Hancock administration and have made apologies.  They are receptive to our apologies.  Comments such as this are not representative of our school and community.  This type of comment is extremely unacceptable and will not be tolerated”.


Knobloch added that students involved will be disciplined.




This article is not meant to condone nor condemn the behaviors of either group of students.  Rather the article is to point out the stunning double standard in Texas’ politically correct school leadership.


Think about the message these superintendents are sending to their Texas students.


Students, it is okay to disrespect the National Anthem and the American flag, while supporting the anti-police movement in a metropolitan area that is still reeling from the murder of five of its police officers.


Students, it is not okay to support the Republican President-elect and his immigration policy, and such behavior results in punishment for Mr. Trump’s supporters.  No First Amendment rights for these “deplorables”!


Extreme liberal bias and political correctness is just one example of the indoctrination of our students that is occurring in Texas public schools.  Environmentalism and climate change are being taught as a pagan religion.  Likewise evolution.  History revisionists have descended into Texas schools with anti-American history curriculum rewrites such as the CSCOPE follow on and Advanced Placement history.  Multiculturalism trumps patriotism.  Kids are no longer taught phonics-based reading and cursive writing, resulting in semi-literate graduates.  Common Core math is a jumble that only the standards writers understand.  Core academics are sacrificed as the focus changes to modifying students attitudes and behaviors.  Calculators replace multiplication tables.  Computers replace teachers. Guns are bad and should be banned.




Two tenth grade students at Marshall high school in San Antonio school staged a skit, The Assassination of Danald Trump, under the watchful eye of their teacher.  In spite of parents’ outrage, the offending students have not been suspended as of this writing, and the teacher is back in her classroom.




But there is hope.


The Texas 85th legislature is working hard to pass an Education Savings Account and School Choice bill.  Via this legislation, mainstream Texas families can liberate their children from the biased, politically correct swamp of the public education establishment.


And education opportunities for all Texas youth will be great again.


Bill Ames is a conservative education activist who lives in Dallas, within the boundaries of the Richardson Independent School District.  RISD’s position is that disrespect of the National Anthem and the American flag, in support of the anti-police movement, is an expression of First Amendment rights, with no consequences to the offending student.  He welcomes reader comments at billames@prodigy.net

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