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Explore and Visualize Texas School Data

The Texas Tribune Schools Explorer is our most comprehensive public education tool to date and the only one of its kind in the state. This database combines key academic, enrollment and financial records on all of Texas’ 1,300 districts and 8,500 public schools, including hundreds of charter schools and alternative campuses. It makes school statistics easy to navigate.

View State Data

Take a bird’s eye view of public education in Texas with these statewide statistics before drilling down into individual school districts and campuses.

Search Districts and Schools

Find school data by typing your school or district name into the box below.

Not sure which school you’re looking for? Use the button below to find schools near you:

Or try a sample campus or district link to find out how the explorer can help you answer the questions below. To dig deeper, follow the “more info” links that appear after the data, or click the “see all” link after the school name.


What does my school or district enrollment look like?


How is my school or district performing academically?

College Readiness

Are students at my school or district prepared for college?


How experienced are teachers at my school or district?


How financially healthy is my school or district?

Public Schools Explorer | The Texas Tribune.

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