Texas Searches for a New Public Education Leader

Jul 6, 2012 by

Peter Stern

Good luck with that

by Peter Stern

After spending 1/4 of my work life in public education I learned that it takes much more than one leader to move education into the 21st Century.

The problem usually stems from the fact that the wrong people are in control of public education and they try to run it like a business, which it isn’t.  They usually fail and apparently, they want it to fail.

In this state we have a governor and school board that do not care a hill o’ beans about real education and learning for learning’s sake.  Test scores are the obelisks of our educational learning outcomes.

Politics and mismanagement have ruined public education and will continue to do so until angry Texans run a collective giant-size Texas boot up state government’s butt, demanding that it finally “let our children go!”

With educational priorities and imperatives constantly askew, what does it matter which one person runs public education?  We need to get away from government top-down management and develop site-based management policies, programs and learning outcomes that really matter.

Texas has one of the worst public education systems in the U.S. and there is a good reason for it.  Politics and Ignorance.

One person can’t change it.  It takes a state awareness with constant community improvements to truly educate our children and permit them to love learning.  Get government oversight out of public education.  Government can’t even run itself properly.

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