Texas Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill — SB 7

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As Dan Patrick defends GOP election bills, opponents organize response

“Texas Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill — SB 7”

By Donna Garner


This morning Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick held a press conference to discuss SB 7 which relates to elections, including election integrity and security; creating criminal offenses; providing civil penalties.

SB 7 passed the Senate on 4.1.21 and was received by the Texas House on 4.6.21.

Lt. Gov. Patrick made many excellent points in his press conference, and every voting Texan should be excited about SB 7 because it will protect the voting integrity of each of our votes.

As the Lt. Gov. stated today, “Nothing has changed under SB 7 for mail-in ballots, early voting, nor election-day voting.” 

LT. GOV. DAN PATRICK’S STATEMENT AT TODAY’S PRESS CONFERENCE:  https://www.danpatrick.org/press-conference-april-6-2021/

To read the text of SB 7 and the analysis:  https://capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/Text.aspx?LegSess=87R&Bill=SB7


From Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Press Release on 4.1.21:

“Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Response to American Airlines Statement on Senate Bill 7”

AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued this response to American Airlines’ statement on Senate Bill 7, the Election & Ballot Security bill, by Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola:

“As Lt. Governor of Texas, I am stunned that American Airlines would put out a statement saying ‘we are strongly opposed to this bill’ [Senate Bill 7] just minutes after their government relations representative called my office and admitted that neither he nor the American Airlines CEO had actually read the legislation.

“We heard these same outcries claiming voter suppression in 2011 when Texas passed the photo voter ID bill. In fact, just the opposite occurred. Voter turnout in Texas soared from 7,993,851 in 2012 to 11,144,040 in 2020, a 39 percent increase. Gubernatorial election voter turnout has increased by 76 percent since photo voter ID was passed.   

“Texans are fed up with corporations that don’t share our values trying to dictate public policy. The majority of Texans support maintaining the integrity of our elections, which is why I made it a priority this legislative session. Senate Bill 7 includes comprehensive reforms that will ensure voting in Texas is consistent statewide and secure.

“By the way, this is the same American Airlines that in 2017 led the fight to try to force us to allow boys to play girls sports in Texas and take away their scholarships. They are probably still fighting for that today and it is likely they have not read Senate Bill 29 either.”

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