TFN, Thomas Ratliff, and Bullying Tactics

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“TFN, Thomas Ratliff, and Bullying Tactics”

by Donna Garner



Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network (undoubtedly in collusion with Thomas Ratliff et al) has filed a Public Information Request (PIR) with the Texas Education Agency today to see copies of interchanges with Donna Garner.  This, of course, is a bullying attempt meant to scare the TEA, Texas State Board of Education members, and me.


TFN and Thomas Ratliff are both furious because they were defeated on two separate issues by the majority of the SBOE members on Sept. 17 and 19, 2014 as explained in the following article:


9.22.14 — “Momentous SBOE Votes – Patriotism Protected for America’s Students” — by Donna Garner —



In a moment of frustration, Thomas Ratliff wrote a manipulative e-mail to the SBOE members and to the TEA after the SBOE meeting. That e-mail was made public as so often happens when things are sent on the Internet.


In fact, it is ironic to me that Thomas Ratliff who “loooves” technology and lobbies daily for Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Common Core to continue to mine people’s personally identifiable information would complain when his own e-mail was made public!  


This article probably upset Thomas Ratliff’s blood pressure because the truth came out:   


9.24.14 — “Past Time To Impeach Thomas Ratliff” — by Donna Garner —



Remembering back to 2007, the same bullying tactic was employed by the Association of Professional Educators (ATPE) that filed a PIR with the Texas Education Agency on me for the time period of July 2007 through June 2008. ATPE asked for all interchanges between Donna Garner, the SBOE members, and the TEA staffers regarding the English / Language Arts / Reading (ELAR) TEKS.  


Because for many years I have given my time and expertise to research, write, and publish for a large state and national audience, my e-mails were (and still are) very easy to access by doing a simple Internet search. The TEA sent reams of documents to the ATPE, but the documents had already been made public.


Since the SBOE members receive no remuneration for their service and pay for their own private e-mail systems (no cost to the state), those who were on the SBOE at the time exercised their First Amendment rights to privacy.


Here is a comment one of the SBOE members made at the time, and I feel sure members who are serving on the Board now will feel the same way:

“I am a private citizen, paying for and using my own private email and computer, on my own private time — abiding by all quorum rules. I will not be submitting my PRIVATE communications.”



In July 2008, I myself filed a PIR with the TEA to see what they had provided to the ATPE. The TEA sent them reams of documents; but because I had already made my reports and communications public to so many people and because the SBOE members exercised their private and personal rights to privacy, the ATPE came up empty handed.  


The bullying tactic used at that time did not work, nor will Texas Freedom Network’s bullying tactics produce anything significant now.  


What caused the PIR to get filed today?  It is my opinion that when Thomas Ratliff’s attempt to manipulate the SBOE members through his e-mail blast last week was made public, he immediately turned to the Texas Freedom Network to get them to submit today’s PIR.


As a registered lobbyist for Microsoft for well over 13 years, Ratliff and the left-leaning TFN share many of the same positions.


Proof of this could be seen in the SBOE’s meeting on Sept. 17 and 19 when Ratliff bullied the grassroots citizens who had taken their time and spent their own money to drive to Austin to testify.


At the same time, Ratliff groveled at the feet of the lobbyists and ed establishment who spent other people’s money to be there to testify for their own self-interests.    


Texas Freedom Network is highly financed by those who want to destroy America as we know it. They are the “go-to” organization for someone such as Thomas Ratliff who wants to cause problems for those who espouse traditional values.


Not too long ago, Ratliff tried a similar bullying tactic against Alice Linahan when he filed two complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission accusing her of being an unregistered lobbyist when in actuality she and her family have spent thousands out of their own pockets for her to be a conservative activist. Ratliff’s two complaints failed then just as the PIR will fail now.


Bullying and intimidation are only successful when good people cower in fear. I can assure TFN and Thomas Ratliff that I plan to get a good night’s sleep tonight.  I wonder how well they will sleep.   



Donna Garner

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