Thankfully, Most Texas Schools Rejected by RTTT-D

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donna_garner[My heart is heavy as I consider the horrible shootings in the Newtown, Conn. elementary school today; and I realize that we are helpless to protect our children from many atrocities.  However, there are things that we adults can do to protect their minds from being indoctrinated with anti-American ideas. First, however, we adults have to understand the many subtle tactics that are being used to mold students’ minds in the wrong direction.  – Donna Garner]


“Thankfully, Most Texas Schools Rejected by RTTT-D”

by Donna Garner


Most Texas public school parents can breathe a sigh of relief because their children’s schools DID NOT get selected by the Obama administration for the Race to the Top (D) awards. Texas had 113 Texas ISD’s, charter schools, and regional education service centers that were foolish enough to spend hours filling out the RTTT application, but FORTUNATELY most of them did not win.

Please read “Race to the Top Is a Loss for Locals” – 11.29.12 —

The two that won were Gulen Turkish Harmony Public Schools ($29,866,398) and Idea Public Schools ($29,242,882).

Because the Obama administration never does anything except for political reasons, it is easy to see why these two school organizations won the awards.


The almost $30 Million of our taxpayers’ dollars that the Turkish Gulen Harmony Charter (Public) Schools received will undoubtedly allow them to offer even more “free” Islam indoctrination trips for additional students and policymakers to take and will finance even more Turkish-owned businesses in the United States and abroad.

Please read – “Turkey Feels Sway of Reclusive Cleric in the U.S.” – 4.25.12 — by Daniel Etter, The New York Times —

The “winners” are:

Harmony Science Academy (Harmony Public Schools)

Harmony School of Excellence

Harmony School of Science-Houston

Harmony Science Academy-Austin

Harmony Science Academy-Brownsville

Harmony Science Academy-El Paso

Harmony Science Academy-Fort Worth

Harmony Science Academy-Lubbock

Harmony Science Academy-San Antonio

Harmony Science Academy-Waco

Harmony Science Academy (Harmony Public Schools)

The Texas Legislature during the upcoming Session desperately needs to pass safeguards for all charter schools to follow.  Please read: “Safeguards Badly Needed for Gulen Charter Schools” – 10.4.11 —


The Idea Public Schools will be a perfect vehicle through which the Obama administration can achieve its goal of spreading the social justice agenda by way of the RTTT-D grant because most of the students in the Idea Public Schools are located in the Rio Grande Valley.  To find work, many in the Valley migrate throughout the United States.  That means these children can be programmed and indoctrinated into Obama’s social justice agenda and then can spread this “disease” wherever they go in the United States.



Idea Public Schools

-IDEA Alamo

-IDEA Allan

-IDEA Brownsville

-IDEA Carver

-IDEA Donna

-IDEA Edinburg

-IDEA Frontier

-IDEA Mission

-IDEA McAllen

-IDEA Pharr

-IDEA Quest

-IDEA San Juan

-IDEA San Benito

-IDEA Weslaco


Please read the following to learn more about Obama’s federal overreach into the public schools using Common Core Standards/Race to the Top:


12.4.12 – “Bill Ayers Explains Left’s Power in Schools and Classrooms” — Link to 2 minute, 48 second YouTube:



11.23.12 – Attorney Jane Robbins’ Five-Part Video Series – “Stop the Common Core State Standards” —



11.23.12 – “Shame on Them” —



11.23.12 – “Texas Public Schools Must Resist Federal Tentacles” – by Donna Garner —




Race to the Top (D) – national finalists:


List of state applicants:



Donna Garner

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