The Afghan thank you

Feb 27, 2012 by

Dean Kalahar

By Dean Kalahar

In its war effort to stop international terrorism, the United States has given Afghanistan

1906 US fatalities to date.

500 billion dollars

Security and Protection

Built 608 schools

Improved women’s rights

Built 670 health care clinics

Trained nearly 17,000 health workers

Built Islamic centers of worship

Vaccinated nearly 7 million against polio

Worked to Control TB and AIDS
Built 3000 miles of roads

Expanded agriculture

Spread democracy and liberty

Gave healthcare to 750,000 patients

Economic growth

Increased the standard of living

Lowered poverty rates

Saved countless lives

Built and repaired infrastructure

Bent over backward to be culturally sensitive

And other immeasurable acts of goodwill, support, and humanitarianism

The thanks America received for its efforts?

Afghanis murder US citizens and protest America after some Korans were burned that had been defaced and used as a means of illegal communication by Muslim prisoners.


Intolerance guised under the cloak of tolerance is abhorrent. Let’s cut the nonsense and realize we are not dealing with humans who want to live in a civilization.

The U.S. should end all aid, pack up the troops and leave Afghanistan immediately under a new Doctrine of Ungratefulness.

“The US will bomb and eviscerate to dust any and all suspected al-Qaeda, Taliban, or Afghan activity that might be seen as a threat to US national security at anytime and in any place without warning and without apology.”

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