“The battle against teenage pimps in Belgium is failing”

Feb 20, 2018 by

The organisation for missing and abused children Child Focus says that Belgium’s approach to tackling the issue of teenage pimps that lure girls of a similar age into prostitution is all wrong. Child Focus’s Yasmin Van Damme says in an interview with VRT News that “The figures show that the current approach is not working”.

“In 2017 40 new case files were opened on young girls that had entered prostitution through teenage pimps, while there were still 39 cases open that had been started since 2015”, Ms Van Damme said.

Two years Yasmin Van Damme and a number of other parties, include the reception centre for sex workers Payoke, raised the alarm about the issue of teenage prostitution.

“However, what we see is that many of the victims turn up again and again. We already knew a lot of the girls we came across in 2017 in 2015″.

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Source: “The battle against teenage pimps in Belgium is failing”

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