The battle over Christmas music in school begins (again)

Nov 16, 2013 by

In the Wausau School District in Wisconsin, a tussle over whether and how much religious Christmas music could be played at winter concerts in December began when the district got a new fine-arts coordinator who decided to review the issue, according to the Wausau Daily Herald. A school board committee voted to limit but not eliminate religious music at these events, and, apparently, the choir director at one high school got the mistaken notion that he had to play a certain number of secular songs for every religious song. He decided to cancel the program, but there was an uproar over the decision and the committee decided to reverse itself and choice practice began once again.

In the Bordentown Regional School District in Bordentown, N.J., Superintendent Constance J. Bauer said in an Oct. 18 statement on the district website that she was banning religious music from elementary school December winter programs, according to The Blaze.

Recently some musical selections for the elementary winter concerts were questioned. The matter has been taken under review by the district solicitor, who issued an advisory letter that in light of a New Jersey ruling: Stratechuk v. Board of Education of South Orange-Maplewood School District, 577 F. Supp. 2d. 731 (D.N.J. 2008), that religious music should not be part of the elementary program(s).

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