The Benefits of Charter Schools

Sep 23, 2020 by

School choice is a powerful right that not all parents and students enjoy. But for those that do, charter schools are a great option. But what exactly sets them apart from other educational institutions? Here we’ll take a closer look at what charter schools are and their benefits.

What is a Charter School?

Similar to public schools, charter schools also receive government funding. The big difference is that they run independently from the established, state school system. This gives them more power and freedom to make their own choices about things like curriculum, extra-curricular activities, budgets, staffing, and other major decisions. This set-up gives administrators the ability to accommodate learning and the school dynamic to student’s individual needs. Parents can send their children to charter elementary schools, secondary schools, and even a charter high school if they so choose.

The Benefits of Charter Schools

Let’s explore a few more reasons why parents and students prefer charter schools over traditional learning environments. 

Diversity Among Students

Diversity is an important part of any child’s upbringing and charter schools deliver this through everyday experiences. Students are taught that everyone has something different and unique to offer. Because charter schools are open to all students, the population is more diverse compared to local schools that accommodate students from only the local area and neighborhoods. Charter schools promote individuality, acceptance, and collaboration.

Higher Average Test Scores

Although this benefit is subject to debate in some educational circles, research shows that charter schools generally score higher on standardized tests. Students also enjoy higher academic achievements. This is, in part, thanks to the school’s ability to choose the best curriculum. Charter schools also focus on core skills and fundamentals. Class sizes are generally smaller as well, which means more hands-on, attentive teaching. This dynamic promotes in-depth conversations and learning opportunities. In smaller classes, students strive to perform at a higher level. 


Charter schools strive to teach the whole child. This means focusing on both their educational development as well as maturity and responsibility. Students are often held to a higher standard. Charter schools often have specific goals and benchmarks that students must reach. If they don’t, they’re at risk of losing their place. In addition to the student’s accountability is the fact that charter school administrators are held accountable for their curriculum and managerial choices. Charter schools must answer to students, parents, and the community. If a school isn’t performing as promised, it’s at risk of losing both funding and enrollment. 

Specialized Learning

Every child excels at something different. The beauty of charter schools is the ability to specialize in a specific area of study. Some charter schools are geared toward science and technology while others focus more heavily on arts. Students who attend have the opportunity to attend classes in their interest areas, which leads to a deeper understanding and mastery of the subject. Similar to colleges, some charter schools let students major in a specific subject, better preparing them for the future.

Consider a Charter School for the Student in Your Life

Now that you know a little bit more about what charter schools are and what they offer, you can consider it for your child. Whether they’re in elementary school or entering high school, it’s never too early to set them on the right educational path. 

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