The benefits of full academic support at Elevations RTC

Nov 20, 2020 by

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Residential treatment centers around the United States are popping up more than ever. Every new location has its selling points, and families are looking for the perfect fit to keep their children on a path towards success.

One of the biggest concerns connected to teen residential treatment centers involves the chance of a student falling behind academically. Failure to keep up in the classroom can quickly negate all of the other benefits of a residential treatment center once a teen returns to their home. To make that transition back home smoother, proper academic support is necessary.

Elevations RTC has a strong focus on academics, providing students with the right amount of support. The goal of Elevations RTC is to not only keep students on track academically but to also help them push their limits and exceed all expectations during their time on campus.

Accredited teachers and curriculum in a traditional school setting

The classroom setting at Elevations RTC is identical to most traditional schools around the country. With access to a library, an art studio, and even a gym, students will generally feel as if attending a public school while at Elevations RTC. The difference is a significantly reduced classroom size, headlined by accredited teachers with years of experience in helping struggling teens. In traditional schools, teachers do not have the time or the amount of knowledge necessary to handle these unique circumstances with students.

Every licensed teacher at Elevations RTC focuses on their main subject. Teachers have free rein to personalize academic plans to ensure that students getting ahead feel challenged, and those falling behind receive the proper amount of attention.

The school curriculum holds accreditation with both the Utah Department of Education and the California Department of Education. Cognia-the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools also fully recognizes its curriculum. All of these accreditations ensure that the transfer process back home is as seamless as possible. Credits earned at Elevations RTC work towards graduation at home. The program is designed to keep teens on track to graduate with their class once they return home.

Keeping parents connected

It can feel lonely for some parents after enrolling their child at Elevations RTC. Some students are thousands of miles away from home for the first time in their life. This separation can take a toll on both the students and the families back home.

The program does an outstanding job of keeping parents informed on activities and lessons, delivering opportunities to communicate directly with teachers as well. If there are any causes of concern from either side, ironing things out over the phone or through video conferences works. There are even opportunities for families to visit campus and see what happens during a typical day.

Allowing parents to stay hands-on to a certain degree is a crucial part of the overall educational process. Parents still feel like they can contribute, while students receive opportunities to grow academically on their own. It always takes a team effort to excel academically, even if the teen is not coming home each night.

Never feeling alone

The problems teenagers are facing might not all be the same at Elevations RTC, but everyone is there for one reason or another. Having that type of social acceptance can reduce the chances of feeling judged or alone in the classroom. Just this change can have a major impact on kids that are willing to learn but find themselves frustrated around peers at home. Students are more likely to open up to teachers, not be afraid to ask for help, and embrace topics and subjects they find intriguing.

Everyone in the program at Elevations RTC lives on campus. Students begin to lean on each other in and out of the classroom. This helps with support in many different areas, but academically, students benefit from the associated confidence boost.

Living on campus also keeps the focus on learning by eliminating outside distractions that might get in the way of studies. While there is ample time for relaxation during the week, set homework and studying time keep teens busy when everyone else is doing the same.

Is Elevations RTC the right program for struggling teens?

If the residential treatment center route is necessary for a teenager, Elevations RTC is one of the best in the business. A strong focus on academics is exactly what a lot of families are looking for, and it is one of the best paths towards sustained success. If a child can find what they are passionate about and focus more academically, it opens up opportunities back home and after high school.

Graduates from the program have found the transition back home much more manageable than initially expected. Academic focus at Elevations RTC matters and students in the program have every opportunity to learn in ways that work for them.

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