The Best-Paid Internships in Kenya, 2018

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As a young graduate aiming to break duck and land a lucrative internship in Kenya, you will realize along the way just how far the corporate world had come since the early days when you were still a toddler. You will also realize how every job begins at a lower level, and then you climb up to the top positions after a while. This is the point where you will have to exercise patience as your new best friend.

Many graduates nationally have applied for entry-level jobs at some point earlier in their career. Along the way, you will realize that not all entry-level jobs that you apply for being that friendly and are never a walk in the park as you might have thought before you had to apply for one.

Unpaid internships

Most companies are usually looking for interns who have a degree, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will not find an internship if you have a certificate of a diploma certificate. You also need to understand that not all the internships pay for your services. Other companies, however, do offer some remedies like bus fare reimbursement and maybe even house allowance.

The best-paid internships

To land a decent internship like with Unilever, you need to be very aggressive and competitive to land the job. You may be able to land a sweet internship with enticing salary to keep you busy for the time being. You can take some time and look up this link, Best paid internships in Kenya, to keep yourself ahead of the other graduates looking for internships, and how to land the best internship this year.

  • Internships in the Kenyan banks

Banks offer some of the most enticing internships available. The best thing about landing an internship with a bank in Kenya is that you stand a chance to get full employment status with the bank if they like your work and are in need of your skills. The Standard Chartered Bank in Kenya is probably the best bet to go for if you wish to land yourself a long-term job with the bank.

You will, of course, have to work for some months and gain adequate training in the process. And the best part about all this is that you will be getting as high as even KES50, 000 in the process. KCB follows closely in this rank with its interns earning no less than KES15, 000, and that is for the banks situated in the rural areas. You will also reap some benefits with the following banks as well; I&M, CFC Stanbic Bank, NIC, National Bank of Kenya, Eco Bank, and the Cooperative Bank.

  • Internships in NGOs in Kenya

This is another area you can pay keen interest in for internships. Most of the NGOs have very strict rules that you need to adhere to before you can get an opportunity to land a chance with them. Other NGOs even exercise strict religious rules that you must adhere to before you can apply. But if you do manage to land yourself an internship with any of the NGOs in Kenya, then be sure of some good payment packages that go in line with the International labor standards.

  • Aviation industry internship

An internship at the Kenya Airways, for example, has been more frequent in the past few months. Many of the aviation industry companies have opted to employ interns to long-term interns to cut back on the employment costs. So, whenever you realize a spot in any of the aviation industry spots, then don’t hesitate to fill in the application form and submit it, and wait for the response. You may be lucky.

  • IT internships that are well-paying

IT is turning to be the next big thing in the industry today, and it is for that reason that you cannot afford to miss any internship opportunities that come your way. The companies like Google, IBM, and even Safaricom are the places to try out for internship jobs. You will have some good remuneration packages for your services rendered.

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