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Overweight and obesity

Statistics show that one third of Americans are either overweight or obese. This is an alarming situation and is food for thought to all those who are conscious of this predicament faced by the nation but are still to do something nationally about it. We know being descendants from the Old West that “we could take a horse to water but cannot make it drink”, this is exactly what is happening to all Americans at the moment. No national effort to control overweight and obesity would have any effect unless there is an individual effort on the part of everyone.

Though there have been umpteen endeavors from many especially those in the national health sector about this national tragedy, we are still in square one with no foreseeable improvements. Overweight and obesity are not confined to adults alone it is a major problem concerning adolescents and teenagers too. There is no sign that this situation is abating but on the contrary it has moved from bad to worse and the scale is rising alarmingly.

Unless every individual American who is falling within these two categories and those on the borderline plus those who are not would all have to make concerted individual efforts to ensure it does not cross the redline. Two aspects would come to mind and what has been repeated many times is to ensure a balanced diet and exercise. The audacity is that both these are being conveniently avoided by all and we are now at wits end to find a solution that would work.

Balanced diet

This is the priority and the point has been driven home ample times to cut down on fatty junk food and revert to a healthy balanced diet. Though the idea is not nascent it is not being practiced by the majority who has practically lost control of their eating habits and exercise. Unless these two are grilled into the American society as a whole there are no visible signs that both would be practiced with dedication and we could have a healthy nation again.

Avoiding junk food should be made a priority in life and if that could be achieved other than how it is practiced in the breech today we could win half the battle to make this great nation a healthy one again. It is not a difficult task but needs a positive response from everyone.


There is no argument on this very important issue because everyone who would read this and many other advices that exercise is imperative, if we are to resurrect ourselves and turn our bodies to be healthy again. Facts are stubborn and we know it that every one of us cannot aspire to have hourglass figures but could aim for it. If we do so probably we could end up at least close to it, by a mile and that would suffice.

Wasting time on exercises is what most of us do and some of us do take to the gym to keep up with the Jones and not with the commitment required to push the body to lose weight. Doing an exercise regime without total commitment is futile as it would not have a visible sign in our bodies. Our exercise even if we do it only for a few minutes would need out total commitment and concentration.

It would also be prudent to do our exercises at home where we would be able to mentally tune ourselves to stick to a predetermined regime that could be adhered to without any interference.

To help us in the endeavor there is a “new kid on the block” which is revolutionizing the way we would exercise at home without any encumbrances eating into our regime. This is the new maxi climber which emulates rock climbing. We have always dreamt of doing the impossible and for one rock climbing is a professional’s prerogative. It is not for the faint hearted but the Max Climber has brought rock climbing into a new dimension. You are able to be on firma terra and still be doing the impossible task of rock climbing. Every action that you would perform on the Max Climber brings every sinew in your body into a climbing motion.

The Max Climber is the best thing that happened to domestic exercising and has the potential to bring a revolutionary change to how we Americans could turn our fortunes around. The Max Climber is not a complicated contraption but simple in design and great in performance. Every climbing action either at low speeds or faster would ensure the pulls and the stretches are well coordinated to bring out the best in our bodies. The Max Climber is a upward movement unlike most of the exercise machines of the past.

The Max Climber is conveniently storable in a closet or cupboard after use making it accessible whenever you would want it. A few minutes daily on the Max Climber is what you would have to discipline yourself and if you do, it could change your life altogether. The continuous climbing in an upward motion is indeed a nascent idea which has been well accepted by all those who have used the Max Climber.

A Max Climber in every American home would surely pave the way to induce the most important thing in every American’s life which has been conveniently avoided thus far. A good simple exercise without all the complicated regimes we have tried and failed miserably to check overweight and obesity. The Max Climber is sure to bring some spark into our obese lives and turn our fortunes of reducing our body mass weights and living healthier again.

The convenience of the Max Climber is what would endear any user to it. The easy storage and simplicity is what has caught the eye of many. Coming back home from work and a few minutes on the Max Climber would definitely do every one of us a world of good.


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