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by Donna Garner

“The Biggest Cyber Attack in the History of the World” — This title may be even a better title for Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” video because of the very serious content that it contains.

The video is 1:59:29 long, and I fear that many Americans (of all political parties) may not take the time to watch it in its entirety.  I hardly ever “demand” that the busy public watch or read some particular thing, but this time I am “demanding” for the sake of the future of our nation.  

My suggestion is to watch the video in bits and snatches. The first 2/3 of the video gives documented evidence (newly released) from leading experts about the Nov. 2020 elections and the corrupt tactics used.  It is not just the voting machines that caused the problems, and many other strategies to steal the elections were documented – not just in the 2020 elections but in past elections also.  

However, once the issue of the voting machines was brought up in the first ¾ of the video, the overriding message becomes:  ALL types of electronic voting machines (even those used in Texas and other states that thought the machines were safe) are at risk of fraud and corruption because of the way they are constructed and the fact that they are all on the Internet for at least a brief period of time.  It is that brief window of time that allows hackers from this and other countries to corrupt the data.

This fact then leads right into the most important part of the video which is the last 1/3.  It is in that segment that we learn about the biggest cyber attack in the history of the world which occurred in the November 2020 elections. This part starts at marker 1:36:05 when National Intelligence Researcher and Author Mary Fanning begins her segment which is then followed by General Thomas McInerney.  This information is so profound and serious that it is truly breath-taking.

As Mike Lindell kept saying throughout the video, it is because of the mercies of God over America that we even discovered what happened. Our nation came “within a hair” of never finding out the truth. Now we and the rest of the world know how elections can be stolen by foreign perpetrators who want to change the future.

It is now up to America to fix these voting problems once and for all.


***VIDEO:  Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” —


2.7.21 — “Patriots Doing Their Part by Sharing Mike Lindell’s Video” — By Donna Garner – EdViews.org

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    What are the consequences for the stolen election?? For years we have heard about and read about corruption in our elections. As far as I know NOTHING has been done!! This makes me very angry. Now it appears they have stolen our election!! They need consequences. and it appears Their consciences are so seared they have no egrets. We will never win another election. We don’t need voting machines. We can hand count the ballots. I will not vote again only to have my vote stolen again. This is criminal. We must address this issue and fix /

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