The Chilling Realities of Common Core Standards

Jun 5, 2013 by

by Donna Garner



Below is a YouTube in which a teacher in Utah is showing the actual Grades 1 – 3 English Language Arts elementary textbooks (i.e., VOICES) that are aligned with the Common Core Standards (CCS). The teacher shows repeated examples that emphasize in the very beginning pages of an ELA textbook for 6-year old children the social justice agenda, community organizing, use of emotional words instead of an emphasis on logic, choosing words to convey emotion rather than fact. Then the teacher shows a Grade 3 VOICES book in which teachers are instructed with the use of a rubric to track students’ attitudinal changes over time.


In these early grades in ELA, students should be focused on such elements as learning correct grammar/spelling/punctuation/capitalization, complete sentence structure, correct usage, cursive, idioms, compound words, alphabetizing, following multi-step directions, restating main ideas, the chronological sequencing of events, decoding of words at a faster pace – not focusing on a social justice issue, many of which adults have not even figured out how to solve.


(Unfortunately, the Utah teacher while making his YouTube was in a noisy room; but please try to overlook the noise because of the importance of getting to see real CCS textbooks with real examples.)


Utah Teacher:



Now that the actual curriculum aligned with the Common Core Standards is beginning to surface, parents and the public are seeing with their own eyes how the CCS indoctrination of our nation’s children will occur. The Common Core Standards must be stopped.


It is not too late.  States can still pull out, and many of them are doing just that.  Next, I have posted a YouTube and a letter from North Carolina Lt. Gov. Daniel Forest in which he voices his deep concerns.  He is doing everything he can to pull NC out of the Common Core Standards Initiative.



6.4.13 — North Carolina Lt. Gov. Daniel Forest speaks out against Common Core Standards:


You Tube (3.43 minutes) —




Costs for North Carolina taxpayers to implement Common Core Standards — $150 Million – report by Henry W. Burke —




Letter from North Carolina Lt. Gov. Daniel Forest

Date:  6.4.13


Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns about the Common Core.  I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.


Prior to the new administration and our current State Board of Education taking office, North Carolina initiated an effort to link our state k-12 educational curriculum to a national standardized model called “Common Core.”  The previous General Assembly authorized this action and the previous state board of education put in motion a full statewide implementation of the new standards.  As Lieutenant Governor I now serve on the State Board of Education and I have serious concerns with Common Core Standards and our state’s rush to implement.


As a believer in local and parental control of education, I am unclear how education with a national “one-size-fits-all” standard will serve our students well and allow our parents the ability to be engaged in educational decisions.  The very premise of Common Core, to somehow standardize learning and test taking runs counter to the world of mass-customization we live in today- where, via technology, curriculum and the learning experience can literally be customized to the needs of each individual student.  Our rush to make this standardization change seems counter-intuitive to these new educational opportunities.


Common Core has not been field tested. No true county wide pilot program has been conducted in North Carolina.  A pilot is not feasible, because while the standards for English and Math have been rolled out, the testing standards have not.  Nor have the standards and testing guidelines been outlined for subjects like social studies and science. In short, North Carolina is rushing to roll out a new educational standard that has not been field tested in any of our 115 school districts.   This is troubling to me.  It is like the FDA rolling out a new drug with no testing and no idea of side effects, then telling the public trust us, everything should be just fine.  Do we really know what we will be getting with Common Core without first vetting and testing it?  Common sense says no.


The unknown costs of Common Core implementation are equally concerning to me. No one knows for sure the cost of implementing the standards across the state. California recently requested $1 Billion over and above their traditional allocation for education just for implementation of common core in their school systems. Education currently consumes 55% of our entire state budget.  In the rush to roll-out Common Core, I am not convinced that the proper due diligence has been conducted to properly budget for this monumental expenditure for our state.  The costs of implementation, books, testing, grading and teacher training is not known at this time, yet we are on a course of no return in adopting the Common Core.  My question is why?


The other unknown with Common Core is the data collection that is apparently going to be allowed under the testing associated with the Common Core standards. It is my understanding that a significant amount of student data will be collected by the participating school systems and has the potential of being shared with other outside entities. What data will be collected? By whom? Shared with whom?  The answers to these questions should have been answered prior to North Carolina agreeing to the implementation of Common Core.


And finally, a third of all states in our country have either rejected Common Core or are currently seeking legislative action to pause or back out of implementation.  The question is Why?


Over the next few months at the State Board of Education monthly meetings, the new state board of education will be reviewing common core to get the answers to these and other questions.  I for one will be doing so with a critical eye.  Perhaps a fresh set of eyes will give us reason to pause and make sure our state looks before we leap into Common Core.


Again, thank you for contacting me.  Your views and opinions are always welcome and helpful.  Please feel free to visit my website at, and if you have not done so already sign up for my eNewsletter.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the Great State of North Carolina.






99.1FM – Austin Hill Show – Idaho – Jamie Gass of Pioneer Research Institute at marker 0:47 —


The Pat Campbell Show – Oklahoma – Jamie Gass of Pioneer Research Institute – click on audio icon to start the audio clip – move slide bar to about 2:30 —



5.17.13 – “Common Core Standards with Henry W. Burke on Dr. Laurie Roth Show” – gives state-specific costs for implementation of Common Core Standards — audio clip – listen to interview —








5.31.13 – “Tea Party Revives To Fight common Core” – by Stanley Kurtz – National Review


6.1.13 – “Is the Tea Party Right About the Common Core? – by Anthony Cody – Education Week Teacher —





5.29.13 – “Common Core: What Is It? Do You Really Want To Know?” – by Ann Marie Banfield —




5.29.13 – “The Beginning of Common Core’s Trouble” — by Jamie Gass and Jim Stergios – The Weekly Standard




5.25.13 – “Stop Common Core Progress Update” – Truth in American Education —




5.8.13 – “Eighth grader: What bothered me most about new Common Core test” – by Valerie Strauss, Washington Post —


5.19.13 – “New Hampshire Teacher Tells Why Common Core Will Be Costly Burden for Students, Taxpayers” – by Penny Kittle —



5.15.13 – “How Did the Gates Foundation Allocate $150 Million to Common Core?” – by Henry W. Burke —




Donna Garner


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