The Democratic Party shifts deeper into Fascism

Nov 24, 2020 by

By Lee Cary

The Democratic Party shifts deeper into FascismToday, those who refer to Democrats as “Communists” miss the mark.

The Democratic Party is drifting toward Fascism, not Communism.

Never mind the three women of color who claim to have founded Black Lives Matter (BLM), and self-identify as “trained” (where and by whom?) Marxist-Leninists.

BLM does not mention Joe Stalin, nor Mao Zedong. Could the Marxist-Leninist claim be a ruse?

Democrats only reference Hitler and the Nazis Party when slandering Trump, in particular, and Republicans, in general.  “White supremacy” is their dog whistle for Trump, and “white privilege” targets malleable college students.

In response, Republican politicians take no offense when called names. They seem to take it as boiler-plate, trash-talk between partisan lawyers who meet for drinks when Congress adjourns and laugh about the day’s performance.

Republican pols do not warn “my good Democrat friend and Senator from the great state of…” that their party is sailing into National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) waters. Some hesitate out of decorum. Some out of fear. And more than a few out of their hatred for the leader of their own party, who they see as a temporary interloper.

You’ll not hear a GOP pol draw parallels between Hitler’s Nazis crew and those sailing with Nancy and  Chuck. That would be an insult meriting censoring from Capitol Hill.

As did the NSDAP, Democrats today frequently apply disparaging labels to Republicans that more aptly apply to themselves.

The Third Reich was no enemy of Capitalism, like the Soviet Communists

Here are a few of the parallels between the former Nazi Party and today’s Democrats.

The Nazis focused hatred on the chosen source of Germany’s problems. Jews. All of them, throughout all of Europe.

Today’s Democratic National Committee (DNC) focuses hatred on “white supremacists,” heralding Trump as the King of Whites.

The Nazi Party blamed the Weimar Republic for the nation’s inflation, for the plight of its impoverished peasantry, and for unemployment.

Today, Democrats blame Trump for the Pandemic, for dividing the nation, and for tarnishing America’s reputation before the world.  As if the whole world isn’t watching the death of fair elections in America.

The Third Reich was no enemy of Capitalism, like the Soviet Communists.  Germany relied on its own Military Industrial Complex to supply the tools of war necessary to conquer Europe, North Africa and Russia. And imported slave labor when more workers were needed.

In Fascist Germany, Mercedes built tanks for the Wehrmacht and the Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) made airplanes for the Luftwaffe—both on orders from the Third Reich.  IG Farben made Zyklon and gas for the extermination camps, and their profits exceeded those of Mercedes and BMW.  All three, and others, were controlled by the Reich, but they were not state owned.

Nazis were not Communists. They wanted to control the output and the people behind the production

Nazis were not Communists who claimed ownership of the means of production. They wanted to control the output and the people behind the production.

The party of Nancy and Chuck show no broad interest to control the U.S. economy, except in the fields of medicine, energy, travel and, in time, public education K-12, which is increasingly threatened by the growth in home schooling.  That’s a start.

There’s no reason for the Democratic Party to attempt to take control of social media or network news. Both venues already do their bidding.  Were he alive today, despite the epic films of Leni Riefenstahl, Joseph Goebbels would envy the Democrats’ influence on Hollywood.

The German newspapers took directions from the little Reich Minister of Propaganda. Hollywood doesn’t need direction. Nor Netflix, nor Amazon. They have directors on their boards.

Many American news outlets, most operating as publicists for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), don’t have to be told what to tell viewers. They intuitively know.

Wall Street is financially fond of the DNC

And comparison between Adolf and Nancy and Chuck pertaining to support from the wealth class?

Well, rich industrialists supported the Nazi Party.

In the midst of the Occupy Wall Street saga that targeted the “1%-ers,” the Democratic Party took millions in donations from wealthy persons, and rich corporations.  Wall Street is financially fond of the DNC.

After World War II, senior officials representing I.G. Farben and Alfred Krupp were on the list of affluent industrialists tried for war crimes at the Nuremberg Tribunals.

Additionally, more than a few of those arrested during BLM/Antifa “peaceful demonstrations” were/are school teachers, college graduates, and the children of successful capitalists. Even a few lawyers. Namely, not from the Communist’s Proletariat class. From the Bourgeois.

Nazi support came from across the classes, but started upward from the middle class Bourgeois and went deep into the rich and powerful elites from industry, entertainment and academia.

The path of Germany that ended on May 7, 1945 began with the March 24, 1933 Reichstag Elections. (See graph below)

Enabling Act of 1933: Ended the German democracy and began the Nazi dictatorship

The Nazi Vote in Reichstag Elections 1924-1933The Nazi Vote in Reichstag Elections 1924-1933, The Coming of the Third Reich, Richard J. Evans

Hitler received  enough votes in 1933 to allow passage of the Enabling Act of 1933 which permitted his government to enact laws without the consent of the Parliament. That ended the German democracy and began the Nazi dictatorship—which did not end well for Germany in 1945.

“All parties except the Nazi Party were banned or pressured into dissolving themselves, followed on July 14 by a law that made the Nazi Party the only legally permitted party in the country. With this, Hitler had fulfilled what he had promised in earlier campaign speeches: ‘I set for myself one aim … to sweep these thirty parties out of Germany!’ However, for all intents and purposes Germany became a one-party state with the passage of the Enabling Act.” (Source)

So, today, those labeling Democrats as “Communists” need to review 20th Century history.

The Democratic Party is advancing toward Fascism, not Communism.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Credit Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás (AKA George Santayana)

Source: The Democratic Party shifts deeper into Fascism

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