The digital boon of knowledge: eLearning

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Distance learning courses have long provided resort to millions of students in the world. However, sadly only 5 to 10% of the total enrolled students complete these courses.

The good news is that with the rapid digitisation of the world, technology is becoming a part of education and blooming it.

eLearning or learning with the help of technology is our present and future. And if you are not a part of it yet, here’s why you should be.

How eLearning can help you?

From providing the ultimate flexibility of time and action to being an environmentally positive course of education, eLearning poses a number of advantages for the world.

  • Retention through interaction: Unlike traditional distance learning courses, eLearning courses provide a digital platform which brings an entire world to your fingertips in an interactive way.

    The concept of gamification is the latest and biggest addition that is proving out to be pivotal in interactive learning. With the help of dividing the course into levels and offering virtual rewards, it has become much easier for online courses to hold learners’ attention.

    In fact, real-time collaborative learning is being made possible with platforms like HuddleBoard, a virtual whiteboard. It allows its users to interacts, co-author, discuss and learn things from any remote corners of the world in real-time.

  • Education through customisation: The greatest thing about learning digitally is that you can tailor your course according to your comfort. The ability to divide lessons and exercises to match one’s own pace, strengths, interests and needs, has made eLearning truly a breakthrough in the education industry.

    The mentality of “one size fits all” is slowly leaving the education sector as people are becoming more aware of the individual capabilities of each learner. And this is why courses are now being designed for customisation.

  • Reduction in costs: Apart from receiving a high-quality and consistent education, eLearning courses allow you to learn at a much lower cost than traditional means.

    Saving the cost of commute, course material, accommodation and even the course itself. Having a better quality and technologically advance education with substantial cost-effectiveness is what makes eLearning the present and future of education.

Factors responsible for a successful eLearning course

Just like any other important procedure, an eLearning course also requires a meticulous process to be followed through in order to ensure a successful working.

So whenever you decide to join a course, make sure that you have these requirements fulfilled.

  1. Having clear (and measurable) objectives

    The uniqueness of eLearning courses is based upon the fact that it is has a clear roadmap that can be evaluated at any point in time. The quantification of goals also makes it easy to track your progress along with other strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Defined quality standards

A standard operating procedure must be defined to ensure that the previously defined objectives and expectations are being matched. Having a learner’s performance matrix can also help in measuring your results.

  1. Plan-B: Risk management Guide

Regardless of having the best technology at hand, things can still go wrong anywhere, anytime. For such scenarios, there must be a risk management plan prepared so that the learning course does not suffer.

  1. Communication strategy

The biggest hurdle in distance learning is communication. If you are enrolled in an individual course, it should not be a problem but if you are in a community-based course, you must inquire about the communication means.


eLearning comes as a boon to those who had a tough time concentrating in a distance learning course or who could not retain the theory of any subject. With its interactive design and model, you can easily benefit from this fascinating approach to education which has been made possible by modern technology.

So do not wait any more, there is always something to learn.

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