By Ron Edwards

Recently, leftist Illinois Senator Dick Durbin who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee started deliberations on the Equality Act.  The Equality Act as it is, literally threatens our religious liberty, the safety of women, boys and girls, and the unborn.  Despite those realities, the main focus of the start of debates was a propaganda video that chronicled, in my opinion, exaggerated the struggles of those choosing to participate in the LGBTQ lifestyle.  The video harped upon the supposed need of special legislation to end so-called injustice against LGBTQ people.  I find that both hilarious and maddening, because LGBTQ people have special rights all to themselves.  In fact, like their Antifa and Black Lives Matter foot soldier allies of destruction, they are allowed to attack others who do not have the hots for their lifestyle.  But if those they molest, dare to retaliate, then there is hell to pay for daring to fight back.