The Facebook “Bleed the Right” Scheme

Apr 19, 2018 by

by Frank Salvato – Anyone who posts to Facebook groups regularly knows that if you post links or information to multiple groups – even groups you have been invited to be a part of, Facebook censors have you in their crosshairs. If you post long enough to multiple groups, you have invariably been “restricted,” and therein lays the rub.

It is a legitimate question to ask why Facebook censors would deem it necessary to “restrict” the posting rights of someone who has been invited and/or approved by a group. By virtue of the invitation or acceptance, the group creator or moderators have indicated they want a poster’s content and comments; that their information belongs in that community.

Additionally, group administrators and moderators can remove and/or block “trolls” or those who abuse their group’s newsfeed. So, why should Facebook censors be involved in group content at all unless the content talks about physical harm or incites others to commit a crime?

Interesting to this specific topic is that even posters who have been restricted can still “boost” their content – for a price. Yes, content that Facebook censors deem worthy of restriction where group member content is concerned can be “boosted” across the entirety of the Facebook sphere – and the poster can target his or her desired demographic…again, for a price.

Is Facebook’s revenue scheme becoming clearer to you now? Your content might be “restricted” when it comes to sharing your links and words with others in groups you belong to legitimately, but if you pay the extortion price…well, it’s not so offensive to them, now is it?

Source: The Facebook “Bleed the Right” Scheme – The New Media Journal

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