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People’s World is the flagship publication of Communist Party USA, and the successor publication to the Daily Worker. It recently carried back-to-back articles that were very revealing of a dubious but old tradition among the American left. To wit: America’s communists have always found allies—useful idiots, dupes—among the liberal/progressive left, the mainstream Democratic Party, and (especially) the religious left. As to the latter, I’m ever reminded of the words of the late Herb Romerstein, who told me: “The religious left; they were the biggest suckers of them all.”

The list of suckers from the 1920s through the end of the Cold War was deep. I know this well, having devoted a lengthy book to the subject, which, incidentally, could be volume one in a multi-volume set. Unfortunately, the duping didn’t end with the Cold War, which brings me back to those two articles in People’s World.

One of them, dated June 12, heralded a hopeful new moment in uniting the American left. Emboldened by the election and reelection of Barack Obama, plus major victories on everything from Obamacare to the defeat of DOMA, the left is flying high, confident that everyday Americans—including millions of traditional/moderate Democrats—will continue to blindly give them the green light to fundamentally transform America.

And so, People’s World touted a June 5 event at which CPUSA, the Democratic Socialists of America, Freedom Road Socialists, and the so-called Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism came together to discuss “how to better unite the left.” Playing host, fittingly, was the worst union in America, the one gleefully marching America toward Greece: the SEIU. The fellow travelers packed the New York City union hall of SEIU 1199 United Healthcare Workers East.

People’s World reported that the four organizations have been working together over the past several years in the “peace, labor, youth, racial equality and other movements” and had more recently initiated plans to “enhance left unity between the groups and more broadly.”

Among the comrades, Libero Della Piana, the CPUSA rep, stated that, “Left unity should always be the outcome of the struggle.… It should go without saying that left unity cannot distract us from the current democratic and class struggles… A bigger, broader movement more engaged in the struggles will create the conditions for a vibrant left of greater size and scope.”

What does that mean? How does it translate? Who or what will be part of that “bigger, broader movement” of “greater size and scope?”

Or, to quote Maria Svart, national director of the Democratic Socialists of America: “How do we expand? We need to build a movement that is democratic; it needs to be rooted in American realities; it needs to learn from American movements, e.g., civil rights, the feminist movement. We need to take power seriously and not be satisfied being a thoroughly marginalized movement.” She likewise insisted on building a larger “movement for a longer term,” seeking out “social forces within capitalism to change the system.”

People’s World concluded its report on the “unity” event with words of wisdom from one attendee, the founder of Jacobin Magazine (yes, no kidding), who urged: “We should take some of the spirit of Occupy Wall Street, where there was a fierce sense of urgency.”

Overall, the lesson and general thrust of the sentiments from these literal socialists and communists was that new allies must be carefully sought out, identified, upheld, tapped—in a word, used. That brings me to the other article of interest in People’s World.

On June 11, the day before this piece on “Left unity,” People’s World ran a glowing puff piece on a group of Christians that it plainly adores: Sister Simone Campbell and her band of nuns. They call themselves “the Network,” a self-described “national Catholic social justice lobby.” Campbell and friends have formed the so-called “Nuns on the Bus,” storming across the nation on behalf of “healthcare reform,” Barack Obama, the president’s policies, the agenda of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, and, of course, “social justice.”

The nuns’ antics aren’t new news. I profiled them in May 2011 for Catholic World Report. You might remember the issue I dissected at the time: the nuns’ unrelenting crusade for Obamacare.

Recall that the Obamacare vote was scheduled for a Sunday—God’s day. The sisters were filled with the spirit. They gathered over 50 signatures in a letter to Congress urging “a life-affirming ‘yes’ vote when the Senate healthcare bill comes to the floor of the House for a vote.”

How could the nuns advocate a “life-affirming” vote for a bill that championed abortion funding, and would become a cruise missile at the heart of the religious liberty of the Roman Catholic Church and other pro-life denominations? No worries. “From our reading of the bill,” said Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of Network, “there isn’t any federal funding of abortion.” Quite the contrary, Campbell and her sisters judged the bill not anti-life but pro-life. “For us,” explained Campbell, “tens of thousands of people are dying each year because they don’t have access to healthcare, so that is a life issue.”

Worse, the Network claimed that the nuns who signed the letter represented a vast group of 59,000 sisters nationwide, which was nowhere near accurate. Like Jesus with the loaves, the sisters had demonstrated miraculous powers of multiplication—as did the liberal media, which dutifully reported the nuns’ vast exaggeration. Not so pleased was the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which stated that Obamacare should be explicitly rejected because of its pro-abortion measures.

via The American Spectator : Sisters in Communism.

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