The Further Education Routes Which Prepare Students for Jobs of the Future

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At one point, those in education were always told about the same types of career paths to lead them to the most desired jobs. If students wanted a well-paid, respectable job, it was always assumed that they should chase after the money-spinning careers, such as banking, accountancy, law, or stockbroking. These types of vocations have been classed as some of the best-paid jobs of the future for as long as many people can remember.

However, in today’s modern world, the job market is constantly changing to reflect rapid changes in technology and lifestyles. As those who follow a career path within law, banking or accountancy will still secure a successful career; these no longer become in-demand roles of the future.

For example, think about social media consultants. This role wasn’t a mainstream, sought-after job five years ago. However, if you’re a social media whizz and can effectively build a brands social strategy from the ground up, you could be making big money and be snapped up some of the biggest companies.

Lifestyle and technology: the big players

The careers which are now some of the highest-paid and in-demand are those that reflect the recent changes to our lifestyles and technologies. Podcast consultants, android developers, and drone operators have all had their careers created by a shift in habits and fast-moving tech.

Recent lifestyle and attitude changes have also created new career paths. There weren’t many vegan lifestyle coaches and beauty aestheticians just a few years ago. Due to changes in peoples eating habits and the growing interest in preventing aging and looking younger, however, these roles have evolved and are increasingly in demand.

Let’s explore five forms of education which can prepare students on their journey to secure one of the jobs of the future:

Digital architect

A career in architecture has been desired for a long time, but more so the traditional way; sketching, measuring and taking ideas into CAD to carefully design building structures and layouts.

As the world becomes heavily involved in technology and demands digital versions of everything in an instance, digital architects are going to be needed to cope with demands,

A digital architect will oversee the designs of virtual buildings, so that not only building and development companies can have digital views of potential structures, but so that advertisers and retailers can understand where they can market their products.

The best route into this future career is to ensure you gain solid qualifications within both IT and graphic design, before taking a higher education course in architecture.

School Counselor

Rewind ten years ago, and people weren’t so open about when they needed to seek help for feelings of depression, anxiety or if they were struggling to come to terms with a difficult period in their life.

In recent years, it has become more acceptable and common to see a therapist or counselor when times are tough. Even more so, you now see children and those in school or college battling with their mental health and emotions, who need assistance during school.

More awareness surrounding the wellbeing of school children is slowly bringing on a new role which sees counselors specialize in counseling young people. As this role will be based across schools and higher education faculties, both soft and hard skills are needed to fulfill this role.

As well as being compassionate and a good listener, a masters in school counseling qualification is needed to give thorough skills and training around professionally counseling young people.

Elderly well-being consultant

An elderly well-being care consultant will become a steady job of the future, due to the people living to be much older than ever before.

With improved medicines, healthcare, hygiene, and diets, people are now living exceptionally longer, meaning that it is no longer unusual to live way into the nineties.

This means that there is a considerable amount of space for elderly well-being consultants to work across the fields of healthcare, law, and social services who are continuously helping the elderly remain as independent as possible. Along with looking after them and ensuring they are mentally and physically able, it’s about caring for their well-being and mental state.

Those who are naturally kind and caring in nature will succeed in this fast-developing career; however, it takes a lot of education across the care sector to become qualified. Studies in nursing and care are great entry routes in, followed by qualifications specifically in elderly care.

The above three are key areas which are set to see significant growth; therefore, it’s important to be aware of the further education routes that are available. Along with passion and soft skills, direct education routes can fast-track students onto the right path to help them gain a career in some of the jobs of the future.

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