The gender identity phantom

Nov 13, 2018 by

Medical treatment for gender change is dangerous and unscientific, says an endocrinologist

Michael K. Laidlaw –

The New York Times article “Helping Pediatricians Care for Transgender Children” pitches the American Academy of Pediatrics policy paper on comprehensive care for transgender adolescents [1,2]. This care includes the most radical and risky of hormone manipulations and surgeries. There is a concept defined called “gender identity” which has no physical presence and apparently can only be made known to the person in which it resides.

Comprehensive gender affirmative therapy is a high risk, experimental therapy based on low quality evidence and represents a treatment for a condition which cannot be diagnosed by any doctor.

Consider, if you were told your child had cancer would you expect to see that a tissue sample had been collected and analyzed to prove the diagnosis? If you were told that your child has diabetes would you expect to see blood sugar results that confirm the diagnosis?

In the first example, toxic chemotherapeutics and radiation may be administered and risky surgeries may be performed to treat the cancer. In the second example, a child‘s blood sugar levels must be monitored very frequently and insulin carefully administered to maintain the delicate balance of blood glucose. Too much insulin may cause severe low glucose levels leading to hospitalization and even death. Too little insulin may lead to placement in an intensive care unit to treat ketoacidosis.

The misdiagnosis of either cancer or diabetes will lead to considerable harm to the child because of unnecessary treatments.

Now change the scenario. Your pediatrician tells you that your 11-year-old daughter is “gender diverse” [3]. Your child has a “gender identity” that is a boy. If treatment is not begun right away there is a good chance that “he” will commit suicide and you will never hold “him” in your arms again.

Source: The gender identity phantom

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