The GOP Primary, Presidential Election and Survival of the Fittest

Aug 22, 2011 by

The Good, The Bad and The Fairly Ugly
by Peter Stern

In the U.S. we voters frequently find ourselves in the mode of selecting “the lesser of the evils” when it comes to voting for our leaders. I am coming to the realization for myself that after all these years I may have to leave the Republican Party and belong to the “No Party” Party. I have grown wearisome and discontent with the GOP leadership and platform nationally and especially here in Texas. The GOP leadership appears to be “a mean bunch”but I also can’t tolerate the Democrats. I think many Americans are sick of both parties and most politicians.

Peter Stern

So, I think honest political writers and/or political analysts should find a Republican to pass along to people because like it or not, there is going to be a GOP Primary and there will be a “winner” so to speak. I would rather have some sort of say in who gets in than to have absolutely no say at all and be at the mercy of this disturbed and destructive party.

So, I guess I’ll go with Ron Paul as the lesser of the GOP evils to date and also the man I most agree with, albeit there are some major issues that I am in disagreement with.

Like most Americans, I voted for Obama in the last election, who has really pissed me off. He spoke pretty big and made promises he did not keep. The promise that he reneged on that really put me over the edge is that he caved on taxing the wealthiest in this nation.

I have gotten to the point where I would tax the wealthy just to piss-off the Republican Party and corporate sector! Increasing taxes is the one thing that makes Republicans tear their collective hair from their heads!

It would be like being Clint Eastwood… it would “Make my day!”

They can afford it to pay some more taxes. How much money do Christian Republicans and Democrats really need? Jesus would tell them to stop being so greedy and to help their fellow beings — especially the poorer ones.

Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, those are my 2-cents on the topic of the Primary, the Presidential Election and the 2 Parties that have failed Americans. I believe we writers owe our readers some sort of positive feedback and that includes Republicans, Democrats, et. al. And we need to be very concerned. It’s getting very ugly out there.

A little humor is good for the soul.

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