The Growing Demand for EFL Teacher Jobs

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Do you know friends or family members who teach English overseas? They appear to be living the life—traveling across the globe while teaching their native language to foreign students. It’s fascinating how much the demand for EFL teacher jobs has increased over the past decade. You may even be intrigued about what is TEFL and why so many people want to get certified. But before taking the leap, it’s interesting to learn precisely why the number of English teachers abroad continues to increase.

English as a primary means of communication

By now, you probably know that English is a universal language. In fact, studies show that there are more people whose second language is English than people who are native English speakers. For one reason or another, people from different countries need to learn English—and it always boils down to communicating better both with locals and foreigners.

In countries where English isn’t even a second language, you’ll still find people who know how to speak English at a useful level in places often visited by tourists. These include hotels, tourist destinations, and souvenir shops. Undoubtedly, this has fueled the need to learn English, and things have been amplified by the globalization in the digital age.

English as the global business language

Many people don’t travel to English-speaking countries, yet they still find the need to speak English to set themselves up for success in their respective careers. Long story short, English is used as the primary language of business. Shop assistants have to talk to foreign visitors. IT personnel need to read technical manuals written in English. Doctors need English to speak with foreign patients and study international medical journals.

And since we’re living in an age where people can earn money from the internet, it’s not uncommon for companies to hire freelancers residing in countries that consider English as a second language. If you do some quick search on overseas job listings, you’ll see that one of the job requirements is the ability to speak English.

The Diversity of EFL Teacher Jobs

Clearly, there’s a need for fluent English speakers in any industry imaginable. This has prompted the introduction of more specific EFL courses. You can now choose to take EFL classes specific to music lessons, cooking lessons, yoga lessons, etc. This goes to show that getting TEFL certified doesn’t only involve teaching English conversation lessons. You will be thoroughly prepared for the particular field you plan on entering, allowing you to hone your skills and effectively deal with the unique needs of your students.

High Turnover for TEFL Jobs

Most EFL teachers stay overseas for one to two years, and then they head back to their home countries. Even though it seems that EFL teachers can be seen everywhere, there’s always a demand in most schools abroad. Also, employment options aren’t limited to public and private schools. EFL teachers can land a job at a private language school. Many people also hire freelance English teachers, which means EFL teachers won’t be confined to the traditional school-year schedule.

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