One more column reacting to the responses I received after Tuesday’s confession about Crossing the Tiber.  Before I get to that a programming note.  I’ve received some complaints about the fact that these PDF files don’t include active links.  I don’t know how to make hyperlinks active in PDF files.  I probably must own some expensive Adobe software.  Anyway, what I’m going to do as a work around is provide a link in all PDF files going forward to the archived email version of this column.  That version of the daily column will include clickable links.  I will include any links that I use in the printable PDF version in their full typed out form.  The archived email version of the email is just below the headline.  It isn’t clickable so you’ll have to copy and paste it into your browser.

I received too many questions and comments to respond to them all in any column.  Some probably require a book length response to be fair.  Five hundred years of theological and ideological conflict doesn’t resolve itself overnight.  And I probably won’t take the time to write any books on this issue.  I’ve never written even one book.  Alas.

One of my interlocutors suggested my consideration of conversion to the Catholic Church is motivated by personal angst over how I’ve been treated by the Evangelical Church.  He said he noticed an overly personal and dark tone in my columns in general.

It is true that my columns are written from a personal point of view.  I don’t know how else to write as much as I do — every morning — without letting my personality through.  I’ve always found that writing is a pretty revealing exercise personally.  I don’t know what else to say about that.

As to my being dark … well, when the righteous Christian is the gay “Christian” I should think we’d all be feeling dark.  I, like every other serious Christian in the West, is trying to figure this out.  And those of us who have been working on the Sodomy issue for multiple decades probably have cause to feel gloomy right now.  It’s only natural.

And if we’re honest, as I try to be, we’re going to use fighting words a lot.  This leads me to comment on another of my respondents.

He suggested that things aren’t as bad as I claim in America and the Church.  I should write more about the good things that are happening, he said.  That reminds me of what the Governor of Maine’s office advised me to do for a career one time as I was whining to them about how hard it was to stand against sodomy.  They said I should become a Prison Chaplain.  That way I could help people.

This particular Governor was pro sodomy, and the ministry I was leading made things difficult for him — but not difficult enough.  He was a master manipulator, and I was too immature at the time to understand the manipulation.  The person in the office who gave the advice was very close to the Governor, and had a background in the Church.  It is hard for me to think back on that relationship.

Prison … but not as a chaplain … is where this Leftist totalitarianism is leading Christianity in the West.  They want us in prison because we are “haters” for not embracing their perversion and warmongering.  There isn’t room for all of us in prison so their utopian vision will have to be accomplished through murder.  That is always the way with ideologies that careen off the rails of good and reasonable philosophy and theology.  Christian leadership is always among the first to be rounded up and cattlecarred off to the gulags by these pathetically intolerant Godless ideologies.

Positive thinking is a pagan diversion in the West.  It has done much harm to the psychology of Western man.  Combine it with egalitarianism in thought and you’ve got a real soul killer.  All ideas and religions are NOT equal.  We aren’t better people if we emphasize the good at the expense of deploring and crushing evil.  Evil in every generation must be confronted and crushed.  It starts in the home.

What happens if the parents don’t confront evil in their children.  What if there is no parental discipline?  What happens to those children?  We’re confronted now with the rotten fruit of this style of parenting.  It was encouraged by a guy named Spock (not the Star Trek Vulcan).  His idea was to be hands off with children, especially with respect to religion.  Only Satan himself could dream up something so diabolical.

Tens of millions of church going Christians bought the lie and practiced it.  I don’t think America can survive the toxic immorality that was bred into so many as a result of pop-psychology and propaganda.  I hope and pray I’m wrong.  But I don’t see much evidence of a willingness to do what is going to be required to right the ship.

Even Trump (who I support by the way) is weaponizing the word “gay” for political gain.  I don’t think he’s into sodomy himself.  But he sure does like the low hanging political fruit that American corporate, political and religious culture dangles in front of his lust-filled eyes.

And this is where we’re at dear fellow American.  Either we choose to repent and grovel before the Christian God of the universe declaring the extreme wickedness of our baby murder, sodomy, usury and hate for the good the true and the beautiful or we go the way of every other narcissistic empire on the planet.   The United States of America is not divine.  It is not heaven on earth, even though we are the most materially prosperous civilization ever produced by mankind.

Materialism is toxic.  It isn’t a spiritual virtue.  It is dangerous.  God doesn’t put up with idolatry forever.  Eventually there is a reckoning.

I have grandchildren.  I want the best future possible for them.  And I know that this future will not be good if Christianity disappears from the world, and is replaced by the feminist hell that is now forcefully possessing all the institutions of the West — especially the Church.

We need a metaphorical exorcism of our most powerful institutions.  And you know what … I see it starting.
Praise God.

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