The Impact of Florida Divorce and Separation on Family Relationships

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Every marriage has its rainy day, but the ability to resolve it as fast as possible matters. Divorce or separation is the most difficult decision anyone can reach. Divorce tears apart the family, not sparing the relationship in the family. After a divorce, the parents live separately, and one parent is awarded custody of the children. This is what awaits divorcing couples.

Parent-child separation

Children cannot continue to enjoy the company of their parents as often as they used to. When one parent is away, they are left with a custodial parent whose duties in raising their children may be overwhelming. Parents have little time left, which is spent at the workplace trying to meet ends. The visitation requirements dictate the time spent with the noncustodial parent. Mostly the children do not have enough time with their parents, thus affecting their relationships.

Relationship between the couple

Though both were a couple, the two tend to appear like enemies after divorce is granted. A minimum number of couples remain friends, even to catch up. Most of them meet for visitation purposes. You lose a husband and a friend since divorce and legal separation in Florida will not spare you this relationship.

Extended family relationship separation

When two people are joined together in marriage, two families are also joined. Likewise, divorce makes the two families disunited. The relationship between the two extended families is damaged, and there is separation. Some couples consider it betrayal if relatives talk to their divorced partner. Children are left in an awkward position, affecting the relationship between them and their grandparents.

Mutual friends separated

After being in a marriage for some time, you get mutual friends. Divorce and separation in Florida can come in between the relationship between you and others. When going through a divorce, mutual friends can be confused, not knowing which side to take. At times all you need is comfort from a friend that everything will be okay. Friends may not have withdrawn until the divorce proceedings are over. Some friends you may have in common may be lost after the divorce since they do not want to be seen as if they are spying.

Mutual friends whose children were friends with yours can be separated. Mostly you make arrangements to meet with other families at the park or when having a party at the house. When you cannot communicate with the parents, the children cannot connect either.

Couples need to understand that a separation or a divorce is not a competition. When a marriage fails, people often suffer as many relationships are affected. In the children’s best interest, it is so that the parents decide to treat each other with respect without any show of hostility or discomfort.

Divorce is not anything you would wish for your family, but if it happens, it is right that it does not end your family. The children will not find any other parents and were not involved in the reasons you sought divorce or got separated.

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