The Impact of Social Networks on Education

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Today, social media plays a larger part in our lives than it did just a few years ago. In an education setting, the internet and modern technological advancements have left classrooms looking quite a lot different to how they were when our parents were a child. In the digital age, social media is becoming central to almost everything that we do; we keep up with our friends on Facebook, read the news on Twitter, and get our entertainment from YouTube. But, how has this relatively new way of consuming content changed the way we study and learn? Here are some of the main ways in which social media has impacted education.

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#1. Negative Effects and Distractions:

Although it can be a useful tool, social media use has undoubtedly had something of a negative effect on today’s education. This is because many students who have access to social media networks will waste their time on it, searching for non-educational information or chatting with friends. Some students are constantly on their smartphones, distracting themselves in lectures and seminars and making it more difficult for them to take the information in. Students are reading less and less; some can be found on their smartphone all day long – this can lead to a loss of their sense of time and greater difficulties understanding and retaining information.

#2. Enhances the Learning Experience:

With all the above being said, there’s no denying that social media can be a hugely useful resource for students who utilize it properly. Thanks to the internet and social media, today’s students have access to more information than ever before. Students can ask questions on social platforms for quick answers and opinions, or quickly ‘Google’ almost any questions that they’ll ever have regarding their area of study. Some information that won’t be found at libraries or research centers is now freely available online, making it easier for students to access textbooks, journals, news articles, and other information that they need at the click of a mouse. Lastly, students have access to more online tutors and essay writing services than ever before.

#3. Schools Now Teach Online:

Although it may not be a social-media specific benefit, the fact that many schools now offer online learning programs to their students is a massive step forward thanks to modern technology. Online learning has been around for a couple of decades but was first met with apprehension – many believed that a degree they earned online simply wouldn’t hold the same kind of weight. However, today’s students are increasingly picking the online option. With greater flexibility, cheaper tuition, superb tutor support and a degree that’s worth exactly the same, it’s easy to see why. Social media has helped to further enhance the online learning experience; today’s distance learners don’t have to go it alone thanks to educational groups on Facebook and other platforms where members can network and discuss a wide range of topics.

The internet and social media may have had some negative impact on the way we learn, but they’ve also changed learning as we know it for the better.

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