The Importance of Computer Skills for Students

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Riding a bike. Tying your shoes. Swimming. All of these things fall under the category of, “Things you should know how to do before the age of 10”. When it comes to the world of education, reading, writing, and simple mathematics are the foundation of learning. These are things students need to learn before (in most cases), they leave Kindergarten! But in the high-tech world we now live in, we must add computer skills to the list of classroom basics. Without an understanding of basic computer programs and how to navigate the internet, students are at a disadvantage — not only in the classroom but in the job market as well. Here are a few more reasons why computer skills are so important for young learners.

Completing Assignments

Book reports. Research papers. Your thesis. All of these assignments require basic computer skills. Even if students only grasp how to use common Microsoft programs like Word and Powerpoint, it will serve them well throughout their educational careers. More than ever, assignments are completed online for students starting as young as elementary school! Student forums and discussion boards, along with emails to teachers, are all utilized for tracking and completing work. This is especially useful for students seeking a degree or certification in a specified field not offered nearby. As of 2016, 5.8 million people were enrolled in online courses, which is a significant increase from past years.


While the Dewey Decimal system will always have a special place in many student’s hearts, it’s slightly outdated. The research you once did in the library can now be done in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button. How many times have you and your friends been sitting around pondering something, only to have someone say the two-words that now run virtually run our lives? – “Google it”. Without online research, students are left behind the curve. They’re deprived from invaluable resource including online scientific journals and studies, webinars, and countless scholarly articles. One thing to bear in mind is teaching students how to decipher from credible and noncredible sources. But once they have that mastered, the world (wide web) is their oyster!

More Prepared for the Job Market

Let’s be honest. The main objective of any student’s educational path (ultimately), is to obtain a secure, well-paying job. Whether they want to learn data science online to pursue a career in data entry or they have their sights set on Wall Street or law school, virtually every path with be lined with laptops and iPads. Regardless of what occupation a student chooses, they will need some basic computer skills. Simply sending emails, applying for jobs online, or learning a retail store’s POS system are required in today’s fast-paced world. These skills will also serve them well in their personal lives when it comes virtually anything from signing up for online banking to filling out medical forms. The fact is, no matter where you turn, computer skills are needed.

While teaching students everything they need to know about computers might seem daunting, there’s good news! Today’s youth are more inclined and tech-savvy than ever before. Give them a few minutes no a tablet or cell phone and they’ll be showing you how to organize your apps and configure programs! For them, using technology is a second nature. Which means they should have no problem mastering the basics and applying what they’ve learned to support a bright and successful future.

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