The importance of creating website mockups and why you really need Wondershare Mockitt

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The more ambitious a website, the more important the design phase becomes during its implementation. Indeed, an intermediate stage is necessary between the reception of a new project and its concrete realization: whether the project leader has a precise vision or not of the functionalities to be developed, it is necessary to agree on the form that the together will have to take. This “upstream” step includes, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the definition of navigation logic, the distribution of information, the structure of the pages … An initial reflection aimed at giving the site a form that is as efficient as possible from the viewpoint.

Various documents are produced during this phase in order to materialize the ideas mentioned. Simple sketches at the start, these documents can evolve into a functional prototype for your complex or innovative website projects. In this article, we will introduce to you Wondershare Mockitt, useful software to create a working prototype of a website. But before going any further, we will discuss what a working prototype is.

What is a working prototype?

Perhaps you’ve heard of wireframes, zonings, mockups, or mockups: all of these page preview modes – each more or less detailed, and more or less graphically dressed – have one thing in common that they are static. It is therefore very useful for understanding the details page by page, especially in terms of graphics, but still too abstract to be able to project into a global vision of the site and its functionalities. Conversely, the prototype incorporates the interactive dimension: it is in a way an animated model allowing simulating a site in action. A functional prototype, as its name suggests, must give an example of a concrete application, with navigation, hover effects, connection simulation, appearance / disappearance of contextual panes…

Why choose prototyping?

At first glance, the production of a prototype represents an additional step in the design of a website or a blog, potentially time-consuming depending on the degree of precision desired, and therefore expensive … However, the prototyping step brings many advantages:

– cohesion: carried out collaboratively, a prototype becomes an exchange medium ensuring that all the actors involved in the collaboration – customers, developers, graphic designers, etc. – have the same concept in mind. Because a website simulation is much more meaningful than a sketch or a textual description, it avoids misunderstandings leading to unnecessary functionality and significantly reduces back and forth between the sponsor and the web agency.

– gain by anticipation: a website prototype, even partially functional, makes it possible to carry out initial user tests, making it possible to realize what is ergonomic / logical or not … and therefore to avoid major pitfalls that are better identify at this level of the realization that after a few hundred hours of development …

– optimization: the flexibility and the ease of modification of a prototype multiply the possibilities of tests and variations, allowing the choice of a version considered as more effective among several variations – which is not possible in the case of a direct realization.

What you need is Wondershare Mockitt

Mockup is the first step in ascertaining whether your website design will actually fit and have all the elements needed when applied in real situations. To create a suitable mockup, you need a reliable tool and based on our experience, Wondershare Mockitt is one of the best.

Wondershare Mockitt is an online platform for collaboration and product prototyping. This software is made to empower designs, present business ideas (related to a product), validate certain business concepts, and implement certain designs. In other words, Mockitt can implement every new design idea into a more tangible form.

This is a piece of software that will allow you to create great mockups. This software provides a variety of tools that make perfect transitions between different screens no longer a dream. With this tool you can collaborate comfortably. You and your team members will be able to work on a web design project simultaneously without difficulty. You can synergize your ideas into an interactive mockup.

If you are involved in a design project, and don’t have enough time, then you will be happy to have the help of a variety of tools that can make it easier for you to edit elements, layout settings, develop transitions, modify and so on. This is all in Mockitt. And the good thing is that you don’t have to pay a penny!

Here is an overview of some of the benefits you can get from using Mockitt:

– You can identify everything, including the size, color, texture and shape of each element that you use in prototyping your future website.

– Mockitt provides not only a solution for web page design mockups but also mobile application prototypes.

– It is easy to group screen elements and make them look neat with Mockitt. With a neat arrangement of elements, the appearance of your web as a whole also looks neat and tidiness is one of the main factors why a visitor can linger on a website.

– This is a very flexible web-based cloud service. You can access any of your projects anywhere and anytime. The data storage problem is nothing to worry about because as previously mentioned, it uses a cloud system. You don’t need to worry about your data storage capacity.

– With Mockitt, you can share your projects online or offline. You can share through the QR codes. With this feature, you collaboration can run smoothly.

– Mockitt provides full screen presentation mode and device limit. This means you can frame your prototype with the device shell. Its function is to simulate your web design on a real interactive experience. In other words you can position yourself as a web visitor, not a web designer. This feature can shorten your repair time.

Are you now interested?

By the way, you can download the HTML demo package/PNG/APK with just one click. Once finished downloading, you can enjoy the demonstration without an Internet network.

Need more information? Just click this!

We hope this information will be of use to you. Thanks for reading!

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