The Importance of Making Our Voices Heard

Apr 30, 2013 by

donna_garnerby Donna Garner


Posted below is my first article, “Pflugerville ISD Decision Would Put Children in Danger,”  published back in October 8, 2012 that highlighted PISD and its decision to offer same-sex insurance benefits to its employees.

Texas Values under Jonathan Saenz immediately took an active role in stating that such a decision by PISD would violate the Texas Constitution…”By a 76 percent vote, Texas voters amended the Texas Constitution in 2005 to affirm marriage as one man and one woman and to ensure that “[t]his state, or a political subdivision of this state, may not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage.”

Many of those 76% who voted in 2005 to define marriage as between one man and one woman immediately made their voices heard to their Texas Legislators; and on Nov. 2, 2012, as a committee chair, Sen. Dan Patrick asked the AG for an opinion.

Yesterday, Texas Attorney Greg Abbott issued his ruling making it clear that the Texas Constitution does indeed “prohibit political subdivisions from creating a legal status of domestic partnerships and recognizing that status  by offering public benefits based upon it.”  To read the ruling, please go to:



To read my article published on 10.8.12, please go to:  “Pflugerville ISD Decision Would Put Children in Danger” —



Donna Garner

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