The Jobs Available When You Have A Criminology And Policing Degree

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Don’t believe everything you see or hear about police work, forensics, judges, or any other form of criminology as it is shown in films and on TV. The jobs available when you have a criminology and policing degree are varied to say the least, as this type of degree will open more career paths than many potential students realize.

The work is never as adventurous as it is portrayed in films and TV programs, and it involves hard work that is not glamorous at all. In spite of the tedious bits that all jobs have, working in any area of criminology can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path to take, which is why so many graduates opt for it.

Earning A Criminology and Policing Degree

If you know you want to work in an area that helps with public safety and can make a difference to the community, but are not sure exactly what job you want, earning a criminology and policing degree is a good option. It may be that you are already in a job, which you cannot afford to leave to study full-time, or you could have family commitments that make it impossible to go back to college.

This is not a problem, as an criminology online course will give you a broader view of public safety while being 100% online. This combined BA in Criminology and Policing will provide you with an educational base to succeed in jobs relating to crime and justice, even if you have no previous law enforcement experience.

There is no difference between earning your degree online or studying for it at a physical college. Most employers are not interested in where you passed your course; they just want to know that you did. Even if you tell them you completed your studying online, these days, it makes no difference as employers realize how much more disciplined you have to be to achieve this.

As part of the course, you will learn about police psychology, mental health and justice, qualitative methodologies in criminology, the psychology of crime and, of course, it will start with an introduction to criminology and what it entails. Curriculum electives will allow you to focus on specific areas of interest.

All this can be completed online in the comfort of your own home, with hours of study to fit in with your current lifestyle. At the end of the course, you will have a degree that will help you either progress further up the ladder in your current work, or start a totally new career.

Career Paths To Choose From

There is a huge number of careers that this degree will help you to access, just a few of them being:

  • Parole officer
  • Police officer
  • Corrections officer
  • Forensic science technician
  • Loss prevention specialist
  • Insurance fraud investigator
  • Probation officer
  • Liquor control officer
  • Jury consultant
  • Prison psychologist
  • Criminal Profiler

There are many other jobs available when you have gained your degree, some of which will need further training. There are also some of them you do not need a degree to start with, but you will find it much easier to progress in your chosen field with the knowledge a degree will provide.

Becoming a criminologist is probably the most notable of the career options once you have this degree and then you could find yourself working in a university or college as a lecturer, on think tanks, on legislative bodies, in public policy areas, and some work as advisors to state legislatures or Congress. The leadership and research skills you will be taught make this type of work ideal.

There are also times when people with knowledge in these areas are called as expert witnesses in criminal trials.

On The Job Experience

There can never be anything that replaces experience. A police officer, for example, will develop instincts in their line of work, and there is no substitute for that. The difference a degree makes is that any prospective employer will know that you have had the diligence, determination, and intelligence to achieve your aim, and that is starting to reduce the number of people employed in some fields without any formal education in the specific area.

You are far more likely to be employed and so get on the job experience that you need when you have a good grounding in the criminal mindset, how prosecutions work, and the overall advantages of rehabilitating offenders.

It will not be long before you have your degree and plenty of on the job experience, and that makes you a perfect candidate for promotion to a higher position.

Helping To Prevent Crime

It has long been realized that systematic disadvantage can give rise to crime and that if more work was done in underprivileged neighborhoods, it could help to reduce crime rates. Learning how to contribute to the prosperity of communities with these sort of problems is something that is taught on the course, and many students end up following a community career path.

Online crime has been increasing over the last few years. Now that more than half the world’s population has access to the Internet, it should be no great surprise. Internet users need to be educated on how to avoid being scammed online because it happens all too often. There are a large number of increasingly sophisticated forms of crime, and critical thinking skills are an important factor in preventing so many victims falling prey to the perpetrators.

The Crime Prevention Research Centre provides much more information on criminal activities and how we can all work towards preventing some of them.

Make The Difference

There are so many different areas that you can work in once you have your BA in Criminology and Policing where you can make a real difference to peoples’ lives. Your knowledge and expertise can be used to help so many different people that have been affected by crime or are trying to get out of the spiral of criminal activities, depending on what career path you choose.

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