The Killing Of Free Speech In America

May 5, 2019 by

Alex Jones is only the beginning — if they can silence his voice, then the First Amendment is dead

By Greg Reese –

President Trump came out in support of Infowars and the First Amendment, and now the panicked fake news media is trying to run interference for Big Tech’s draconian censorship policies and demonize Trump as an enemy of the press.

But the corporate media has a long and documented history of peddling false narratives worthy of scrutiny, and framing those who question them as “conspiracy theorists.”

This time, the MSM, in league with Big Tech, is against the ropes as their false narratives collapse, while Infowars continues making headways in truth-telling, exposing the New World Order model, and promoting a message of freedom.

As Big Tech continues to censor Christians, conservatives, and patriots worldwide, Attorney Robert Barnes joins Alex in studio reveal how important it is for ordinary people to take a stand and resist while we have a chance to turn things around and restore freedom of speech.

Source: The Killing Of Free Speech In America – NewsWars

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