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The left will use any excuse to smear Democrats who are in favor of education reform

May 3, 2013 by

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – It’s truly amazing how low some people will stoop to discredit those they don’t like.

A liberal, pro-union Internet site has attacked StudentsFirst, an education reform organization headed by former D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, for allegedly embracing a homophobic state lawmaker.

Rhee is a Democrat who is critical of the role labor unions play in public schools.

“The Daily Kos criticized (StudentsFirst) last week for naming Tennessee legislator John Ragan its ‘reformer of the year.’ He wrote an unsuccessful bill to bar teachers from talking about homosexuality in class,” the Sacramento Bee reports.

But the StudentsFirst award had nothing to do with Ragan’s stance on homosexuality. The group commended him for voting to change the Volunteer State’s teacher tenure system, and nothing more.

That distinction, however, doesn’t mean squat to those hell-bent on preserving the ineffective and overly expensive government education system. The Daily Kos, and other left-wing propaganda sites like Salon, seem obsessed with attacking StudentsFirst, Democrats for Education Reform and other groups of Democrats who are critical of unions.

The Daily Kos has published 16 “diaries” or entries on StudentsFirst since the beginning of April, all filled with criticism, of course. Type StudentsFirst into Salon’s search engine and it returns 7,660 results.

It seems obvious union bosses and their sympathizers are on a warpath to rid the world of all Democrats who no longer subscribe to the “me-first” Big Labor mentality.

The only thing scarier for teachers union bosses than losing power through education reforms is to lose the loyalty of many Democrats who still believe the union model is the best available for schools.

Democrats who abandon Big Labor’s self-serving system in favor of the performance-based approach are eroding the foundation of the fading union movement in pursuit of a brighter, more promising way forward.

The teachers unions and their media allies will do anything possible to prevent that new dawn from rising.

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