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“The Loss of CSCOPE Assessments Not a Loss at All”

by Donna Garner


The real truth is that the CSCOPE assessments are terrible. They are not aligned with the CSCOPE lessons, and they are certainly not aligned with the SBOE-adopted-and-mandated curriculum standards (TEKS).

Teachers dislike the CSCOPE assessments intensely because they are full of mistakes and nebulous questions/answers.

Students dislike the CSCOPE assessments intensely because they are not tied to what the teachers have previously been teaching them, and students are confused by the random nature of the questions and answers.

In fact, the CSCOPE assessments are so bad that teachers either do not count them in the grade book or have their students cross out questions that have errors in them or that have confusing answer choices. Many students and teachers have complained that the giving of the CSCOPE assessments is a total waste of class time.

The dumping of the CSCOPE assessments is definitely not a “loss” for anyone and has, in fact, done teachers and students a great service.

The truth is that even if new CSCOPE assessments are written (as mentioned by Mason Moses in the article below), they will still be inferior because the CSCOPE lessons are not aligned with the SBOE-adopted-and-mandated curriculum standards (TEKS).

Local taxpayers need to hold school administrators accountable for spending taxpayers’ dollars on CSCOPE lessons, assessments, and scope and sequence. Such a waste of taxpayers’ dollars!

By the way, there is no quantitative proof that schools using CSCOPE lessons, assessments, scope and sequence, etc. have raised their STAAR/End-of-Course test scores.

Neither is there any proof that students in CSCOPE schools are being taught a systematic approach to reading that is built upon the reading research. This research says that emergent readers need to be taught phonemes and phonics skills in a systematic way with students being individually and consistently assessed for independent mastery before they go on to the next concept. If they have not learned the present skill to automaticity, students need to be taught one-on-one until they are ready to proceed to the next skill. (Note: Community volunteers can easily offer this type of one-on-one if properly instructed to do so.)

Neither is there any proof that CSCOPE student are being taught a systematic approach to grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and cursive writing; and there is certainly no proof that CSCOPE students are being held accountable in their daily speaking and writing to use the English language proficiently.


I challenge Texas public school parents whose children are in CSCOPE schools to sit down with their emergent readers (K-3). Choose one page from an appropriate grade-level text that has no pictures or graphics on it; and without giving their child any hints or predictable text clues, ask the child to sound out the words with ease and read out loud with fluency and expression.

I also challenge Texas public school parents to have their children sit down and write an expository paragraph (or persuasive paragraph) in their presence and without any supplementary “helps.” Parents should check the paragraph over to make sure students have written it in legibly written cursive (after Grade 3) and with correct grammar, usage, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

If CSCOPE students cannot prove they can do these tasks, then obviously they are not being taught the SBOE-adopted TEKS which emphasize the above skills.


How does Mason Moses, public information officer for the Education Service Centers, think these CSCOPE assessments leaked out to public websites? Hint…hint… Teachers abhor CSCOPE and all its “parts” so much so that they are secretly sending these assessments out to the public in an attempt to bring the whole CSCOPE system down.

If teachers thought CSCOPE is truly a powerful learning tool to help their students to raise their academic achievement on the SBOE-adopted TEKS and the accompanying STAAR/End-of-Course tests, teachers would do everything possible to make sure that the CSCOPE system stays in place. That is obviously not the case! In fact, many teachers have contacted us grassroots citizens and thanked us for our efforts to discredit this miserable CSCOPE system.


To understand the background on the 9.6.13 article (excerpts posted below), please read: “CSCOPE Assessments Now Posted on Public Website” – by Donna Garner —


CSCOPE tests must be rewritten after online posting by activists

Updated: 5:44 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 | Posted: 3:48 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6, 2013

By Kate Alexander – American-Statesman Staff

Updated at 5:45 p.m.

Excerpts from this article:

Classroom tests used in hundreds of Texas school districts were compromised when conservative activists posted them online this week and the exams will need to be rewritten, an education official said Friday.

The 30 assessments that have been published on two conservative websites are part of a curriculum system, formerly known as CSCOPE, that activists say is flawed and biased against Christians, America and capitalism. The first 10 tests were posted on Wednesday by, while a second website,, added a second batch on Friday.

…Of the 700 total assessments, all those slated for use after the sixth week of school will be pulled down and changed to ensure their integrity, Moses said. [Mason Moses is the public information officer for the Texas System of Education Service Centers that owned CSCOPE – now known as TEKS Resource System.]

It could cost up to $1 million if a rewrite of all the assessments is needed, he added.

“We’re going into this with the assumption that we have to start from scratch,” Moses said…


The following article contains important financial information about CSCOPE along with details about Mason Moses and his father Mike Moses:

2.19.13 – “CSCOPE: How Much Have Taxpayers Paid?” – by Donna Garner

Donna Garner


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