The March of Multiculturalism

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Global_citizenshipOnce upon a time we had Affirmative Action—a nice way of saying governmental meddling in hiring practices, and more—designed to bestow preferential treatment on African Americans and other selected minorities, on the basis of race. During Johnson’s administration, via Executive Order 11375, many organizations accepting federal funds were required to take “affirmative action” to increase employment of members of “preferred” racial or ethnic groups. Then we had Backlash against what many felt had become an unfair program of Reverse Discrimination. But the program continued, evolving into the Quota System, necessitating that we conduct our affairs—such as Federal hiring policies, admittance to universities and medical schools, etc.—not on the basis of merit, but on the basis of prioritizing Blacks, select minorities, and, later, women. In other words, social engineering policies were put in place that worked to the detriment of the traditional mainstay of the American workplace and economy: middle class white American men.

Next we had Political Correctness, which stopped people from speaking out against the perceived injustices of Reverse Discrimination and the Quota System, forcing them instead to Grin and Bear It. After which we were ready for Multiculturalism—the prevailing ideology in our school system all the way up through academia—which promulgates moral relativism, assuring us, along with our impressionable young, that each and every culture, no matter how despotic, must be accepted as morally on a par with every other. The only exception to this dictum is revealed via the scorn heaped onto our own Western Culture, for Multiculturalism’s strong anti-Western bias revels in hailing virtually all non-Western cultures as superior to ours—which it contemptuously reviles as the outmoded legacy of Dead White Men.

However Multiculturalism did not spring up in a vacuum. First, we had to import huge numbers of immigrants from Third World countries in order to begin to obliterate our traditional and highly successful “melting pot” of cultural unity. In fact, according to a 1992 article entitled “Time to Rethink Immigration?” by Peter Brimelow, “eighty-five percent of the 11.8 million legal immigrants arriving in the US between 1971 and 1990 were from the Third World.” How far we’ve drifted from past decades in which most immigrants were Europeans eager to leave the old world behind, learn to speak English, and proudly become “Americans.” Nothing could be more unfashionable in the US today, where disparate cultural groups, awash in self-serving identity politics, jostle one another in their scramble after hoped-for pieces of the national pie.

More recently, Multiculturalism has quietly morphed into One-World Global Citizenship, which is now being foisted on your child in the public school system. What does that mean? It means Johnny has no idea what the US Constitution and Bill of Rights are, but knows he must “reduce, reuse, and recycle” to “save the planet,” and that it isn’t “fair” for Americans to have more than the people of any backward Third-World dictatorship have. The Soviets used to call this Redistribution of Wealth (and we’ve seen where that leads), but we have surpassed their antiquated terminology with an Orwellian diction all our own. In fact, this paradigm of “global fairness” catapults Marxism to a whole new level.

In addition to the travesties occurring in our schools, here in California our suburbs are under attack from a different form of social engineering. Our small towns are suddenly being forced to zone for hundreds of high-density units of “Affordable Housing” that we neither want nor have room for, courtesy of ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments)and RHNA (Regional Housing Needs Allocation), with HUD ready to fire the big guns any time now and virtually bury the suburbs in urbanized high-density squalor. This brilliant plan imports people who can’t afford to live in your town smack into the heart of your city in subsidized housing, mandated by the same government that brought us all of the above. Too bad if this means your town will be burdened with predictable results: crowding, traffic increases, straining of your city’s infrastructure, and the overcrowding of your schools.

But if all this still sounds good to you, take a look at Ilana Mercer’s book on South Africa: Into the Cannibal’s Pot. You remember South Africa: we boycotted their products and companies to force them to be just and fair, just like us. Now our dream has come true: they have a Black majority government. But—here comes the shocker—formerly thriving South Africa has become one of the most violent, corrupt, and downwardly mobile societies on the planet. That’s far more violent than ever under Apartheid. The new government enacted a plethora of laws that allow Blacks to basically confiscate the properties of whites—and that’s the least of it. The South African government has taken “political correctness” to obscene extremes, turning the other way to allow crimes, including murder, by Blacks, while persecuting innocent white Afrikaners. South Africa is a “democracy” indeed: a cautionary real-life reminder about the injustice and brutality that invariably accompany the “tyranny of the majority” our Founders warned us against. That’s why the Founders created America as a Constitutional Republic under the rule of law, rather than as a direct democracy where the majority can all too easily ride roughshod over everyone else.

Mightn’t it be time for us to be politically incorrect, to put a stop to all the social engineering, to go back to teaching our students the basics, including American history and civics, and to place free speech and individual freedom back at the top of our priorities?

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    Euell White

    I would like permission to make copies of The March of Multiculturalism and distribute them free to people who are never on the internet and get no news except that with the CNN and New York Times slant.

    Euell White

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