The Measles Outbreak Is A Giant False Flag & A Hoax

Apr 28, 2019 by


CDC admits that every major outbreak of measles has been caused by ‘migrants’ ie illegal aliens Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Alex Jones breaks down how the measles outbreak is directly caused by illegal immigration, with even the Center for Disease Control admitting that every major outbreak this year originated from illegal aliens.


Source: The Measles Outbreak Is A Giant False Flag & A Hoax – NewsWars

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  1. Avatar
    Edward Hauck

    This “education” website is falling into the trap of “fake news” when it legitimizes Alex Jones. Time to delete!

    • Jimmy Kilpatrick

      Fake news sure got that one wrong the illegals are the ones bringing the measles with them. The feds are scared to present the facts as they rally are. Alex is right as rain.

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