The mid-term American History EOC exam (just administered) is invalid and disrespects America.

Dec 20, 2012 by

Dean Kalahar

Dean Kalahar

By Dean Kalahar –

If the EOC exam is supposed to be a valid and reliable evaluation of what students have learned and used as half of a teachers evaluation as to their effectiveness; then the American History midterm end of course (EOC) administered this week in Florida is invalid educational malpractice and must be thoroughly discredited and thrown out as an evaluative instrument of students and teachers.

In reality, the test is being used as a tool to promote an agenda of historical revision that has nothing to do with evaluating what students are supposed to be learning in history, what teachers have been told to teach, or what parents expect their children are learning.

In short, the test is propaganda based on indoctrinating students to a negative view of America focused on race, class, and gender victimhood caused by capitalism and western values and promoted by an imperialist America.

The evidence is as follows:


Of the 45 questions on the test, the following are totals by topic.


Race/identity  5 questions  (11%)

Anti-capitalism  5

Pro-union  3  (6.6%)

American “Imperialism”  3

Women’s discrimination  3

Pro-Immigration  2   (4.4%)

Abuse of Indians  2

Anti-western civilization  2

Anti-war  2

Pro-political machines  2


This means 30 of the 45 questions or 66% of the test was either negitive toward the United States or advanced positions on unionization, leftist politics, immigration, or were anti-war.


The units covered on the test went from the Civil War through WW1. Many key fundamental historical learnings were ignored on the test to make room for questions with little historical relevancy or weight.


The following are a sampling of specific questions from the actual test that are either not in state standards or state approved resources. Many of the questions are not factually correct or are placed in a context that is a distortion of history. There is little chance students will be taught many of the items on the test, while teachers must use the resources approved by the state and county. The comments in red show the bias in the question.


What position did the Knights of Labor take under Terence V. Powderly?

A: Unionization was good, Capitalism is harmful


Use the quotation to answer the question that follows.
“I want to congratulate you for doing your bit to make the world safe for democracy . . . and unsafe for hypocrisy.” – A. Philip Randolph

Randolph was known to make this statement about African American soldiers who had fought in World War I. What did he mean?

A: American’s are hypocrites and racists.


“Is America a weakling, to shrink from the work of the great world powers? No! The young giant of the West stands on a continent and clasps the crest of an ocean in either hand. Our nation, glorious in youth and strength, looks into the future with eager eyes and rejoices as a strong man to run a race.” — Theodore Roosevelt, in a letter to John Hay, June 7, 1897

According to the quotation, what is Roosevelt’s attitude toward American imperialism?

A: Assumes America is an Imperialist nation.


For inventions in which industry did African American inventor Granville T.Woods receive his sixty patents?A: Not in book or standards, relevance?
Which of the following people was an African American inventor who received the first U.S. patent for a traffic signal?

A: Morgan, however he is not in the book or in the standards. It is another politically correct question to focus on embracing racial identy instead of more important historical events.


During World War I, how did European soldiers treat African American


A: Inference is that they were treated better than Americans treated them.


How did Henry Flagler make his fortune?

A: Oil, relevance? Are we to see him as a greedy capitalist “robber barron?”


Under whose control were the Midway Islands placed in 1903?

A: irrelevant question to the point of not being able to ascertain why it would be asked except to make a point that America was secring land overseas and thus was “imperialist.”


The following is a list of the questions directly from the Mid term EOC in Am. History.

Question topic                        Question slant                         Question ideology


-14th amendment                    Race

-Indian policy                          abuse of indians                      Anti-American

-Dawes Act                             abuse of indians                      Anti-American

-Industrial Rev                        populist party                          anti-capitalism

-Bessimer process                    industrialization

-Populist party                                                             anti-capitilism

-Granger laws

-Garret Morgan                       racial identity

-Granville Woods                    racial identity

-Roosevelt corrolary

-Elizabeth Cady Stanton         womens rights             gender discrimination

-William Jennings Bryan         printing gold

-Thedore Roosevelt                 American imperialism             American imperialism

-Labor movement



-Labor unions                          pro-union                                 anti-capitalism

-Spanish american war                                                            imperialism

-Panama canal                                                             imperialism

-Terrance Powerdly                 pro-union                                 anti-capitalism

-Political machines                                                                  machines were good

-Spanish american war

-Farming to industrial nation

-Political machines                  corruption

-Open door policy

-Social darwininsm                 anti-eurocentrism                    anti-western civilization

-Henry Flagler                                                                         anti-capitalism

-Railroads Florida

-Flagler development FL

-Midway Islands control

-Trench warfare

-Wilson-league of nations

-Schenck v. United States

-Battle of Marne

-Aviation technology

-Wilson-selective service act                                                   anti-war

-Women work during war

-War mobilization

-Pro war mobilization                                                              anti-American propaganda/war

-Women work during the war

-African-Americans in war                 pro-Europe                  America is racist

-Phillip Randolph                                                                    America is racist/hypocrites

-Self determination                                                                 America do not lead/dictate values


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