The New York Post’s Education Stories as Eucalyptus Leaves

Jun 9, 2021 by

What do readers of the New York Post’s education stories have in common with koala bears?  A diet consisting of a sole staple.  In the case of the down-under cuddly, it’s eucalyptus leaves; in the case of the down-and-dirty tabloid, it’s anti-UFT screeds.

One recent specimen was penned by its serial smear-spreader Karol Markowicz, who urges mayoral candidates Adams and Yang to “welcome the UFT’s hate”.  She claims that the teachers union feels it is their right “never to have to see the inside of a classroom again”.  That is, of course, not merely a wild misrepresentation but a gross lie. 

The UFT’s actual positions are easy enough to find and a good-faith journalist acting in the public interest could locate them in less time than it takes to butter a waffle.

Markowicz takes a dim view of Democrats almost across the board.  She believes they don’t have a mind of their own and are in a trance that subjects them to the UFT’s hypnotic suggestion.  The exception is when the views of their minds are inducted clones of her own brain. 

Her favor of Adams and Yang requires them not to “bend to the will” of the UFT, which has “achieved a stratospheric level of power”.  She guarantees that “the union forced politicians…harm children” and employed “threats, propaganda and superstition to override kids’ paramount interest…”

Nothing so inspires Markowicz’s endorsement as a candidate’s incompatibility with the teachers union  and nothing so antagonizes her as an expressed commitment to partnership in public education. That’s why she calls Comptroller Scott Stringer a “patsy” in waiting and declares “the UFT forced an entire city to bend the knee to its craven bosses and members” and that all the UFT cares about is getting “whatever bizarre concession our politicians would grant”. 

It sounds like Markowicz is herself around the bend.

She blasts the “broken school system”  (the same one that continues to produce many of our most promising future leaders), and invokes “righteous rage” to “squelch the UFT’s power”.  She wants the UFT, an organization of professional educators, to be banned from discussions about issues related to the education profession.

Karol Markowicz’s interest in public school improvement is a red herring. She is a mule for the contraband private and charter school industry carrying their agenda across the newsprint border.

Ron Isaac

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