The One Room Schoolhouse

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Effective teachers in an efficient institution create successful students
By Dean Kalahar, M.Ed

The Problem

It’s not a headline anymore to say that the public school system needs to do a better job educating children. This is in conflict with the fact that educators are constantly telling you all the things they are doing to strengthen the schools. So we are left with a paradox: If educators are working so hard on fixing the schools, why have the problems in our schools become progressively worse?

The monolithic public school cartel is always ―reforming‖ itself; constantly telling the public it is implementing the latest and greatest innovative practice to cure the ills of public schooling. The problem is the education ideology built in the 1960’s continues to drive school pedagogy today. As such, reform efforts come from the same ―experts‖ who repackage the same old inefficient programs using the same faulty education model year after year.

Not only have reform efforts been ineffective, but the long term promotion of the progressive education model has created a self fulfilling prophesy of geometrically increasing systemic failure. Now, after 50 years of undermining the social fabric of our nation, educators have created the very culture that makes educating children so difficult.
To paraphrase the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, schools have been the catalyst for ―defining deviancy downward.‖ In short, the more educators push a progressive worldview in schools, the more the culture corrodes, and the harder it is to teach kids who grow up in an ever more dysfunctional world. Today, most educators who only dream of a better outcome buy into the progressive approach because they have never known any other way. .

Research on what progressive education policy in our schools has created in our culture offers a sobering catalyst for self awareness and change. Children of single mothers — particularly teen mothers — suffer disproportionately high poverty rates, impaired development and low school performance. In 2009, 41% of children born in the USA were born to unmarried mothers (up from 5% a half-century ago). That includes 73% of non-Hispanic black children, 53% of Hispanic children and 29% of non-Hispanic white children. One-third of children are overweight or obese. 75% of students are in such a poor state that they are ineligible for military service for reasons ranging from health to drugs to criminal records to lack of education, while 23% of those who try to enlist fail the basic entrance exam. In a large majority of never-married mothers, by the time a child is 5, most of the fathers are gone and the child has little contact with him. Many of the mothers go on to new



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