The ‘Pink Slime’ Scam Now Playing in Your Neighborhood…

Mar 16, 2012 by

Peter Stern

Peter Stern – If you haven’t heard, the USDA approves of a lean meat substitute at grocery stores and in your children’s lunches in school cafeterias across the nation. “Pink Slime” is the latest scam by the meat industry and its wholesale buyers to hoodwink consumers.

The company that manufactures it calls the “Pink Slime” as “Finely Textured Lean Beef.” However, it does not look like meat. It looks like little pieces of clay or play-doh.

Would you knowingly want to eat that or give it to your family?

The government states that “Pink Slime” is deemed meat and so it is not noted as part of the meat you may be buying. It also is placed into dog food and it really is scrape food from animal parts that humans generally do not eat. The “Pink Slime” is mixed with ammonia to kill any bacteria and the manufacturers tell us that it is perfectly safe to eat.

If that’s the case then why don’t they feed it to their own families?

If that’s the case then why don’t they sell 100% “Pink Slime” burgers?

Now that the public has reared its ugly head regarding this well kept secret, schools will be given a choice whether to buy only meat or added “Pink Slime” to their menus. Who would opt to buy “Pink Slime” if they can get 100% meat?

Some fast food burger places also use “Pink Slime” filler in their beef.

As for the grocery stores, Safeway, Ahold (Stop & Shop/Giant) and Kroger sell meat with “Pink Slime” added.

Costco, HEB, Publix and Top Market are stores that do NOT sell meat with “Pink Slime.”

If you purchase meat elsewhere you may want to contact the store where you shop to find out whether or not their meat contains “Pink Slime.”

Rule of thumb is when in doubt, always ask.

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