The police will protect you, so turn in your gun

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David Frum, a neocon and former Bush speechwriter, wants you to disown your gun. According to the establishment media, neocons are conservatives, hence the “con,” and as such you’d think they’d line up with other supposed conservatives on supporting the Second Amendment.

Neocons, however, are not Republican conservatives. They are more accurately of a socialist pedigree. Early neocons had a falling out with Democrats and liberals over the Vietnam War and other less than palatable aspects of the so-called New Left in the late 1960s.

Francis Fukuyama, the political economist who experienced an epiphany and subsequently fell out of the neocon orbit, attributes the political movement to Leninism, while other critics point to the influence of the Bolshevik Leon Trotsky. Either way, the neocons are avid proponents of state power over the individual. On the other hand, their supposed Republican friends, at least in theory, are more libertarian in thought, though not necessarily in action.

So it is really quite natural that a guy like David Frum, a former neocon who found his calling as a CNN and Daily Beast contributor, is warning the public about the dangers of guns, a warning that runs parallel to a concerted government campaign to strangle the Second Amendment. Unlike his Democrat friends, though, David is not calling for a sledge hammer approach. He argues instead that America is a safe place and guns are not necessary. “The good news is that as America becomes safer, fewer and fewer Americans feel the need for a weapon,” he writes in a post-Newtown era of shrill calls repeated daily for everything from exorbitant taxes on ammunition to downright gun confiscation disguised as “sensible” buyback programs.

Frum’s argument is at best fictional: “Only one-fifth of young Americans own a gun; one-third of over-50 Americans do. Republicans are twice as likely to own a gun as Democrats. Maybe not so coincidentally, Republicans are more likely to watch the scariest news channel of them all: Fox. Whites are twice as likely to own a gun as nonwhites — and it may also not be a coincidence that gun purchases have suddenly spiked since November 2008.”

Mr. Frum’s conclusion: Americans think they need firearms because they watch violent shows on television – and because they watch Fox News (which, of course, offers the same content as the network where Frum draws a paycheck, CNN). In short, the intellectual Frum sincerely believes most of us are idiots unable to discern reality from Hollywood make believe – or in the case of Fox News, sensationalistic propaganda.

“The more terrifyingly criminal the world looks, the more ineffective law enforcement seems, the more Americans demand the right to deadly weapons with which to defend themselves,” the former speechwriter explains. “It is local TV programming directors, not the National Rifle Association, who are tirelessly persuading Americans that they need to strap a gun to their legs before heading to the mall.”

Of course, the exact opposite is the case. But to be fair, Frum wrote the above in mid-2012, prior to the latest massacre and a hysterically brazen attempt to grab guns. Nonetheless, even before Newtown, the establishment media was tirelessly peddling anti-Second Amendment propaganda while its so-called entertainment division churned out violent television dramas and movies. Since Newtown, the carefully engineered sense of urgency has only increased. It is coupled with politicians pushing draconian legislation – while actors starring in violent films have taken to the public spotlight calling for “sensible” gun laws not endangering the right to hunt deer. New York amended its recently passed law outlawing hundreds of firearms and issued a waiver for Hollywood productions in the state. In other words, films and television shows portraying gun-toting psychopaths (absurdly out of proportion with their actual presence in society) will be safe from prosecution.

Mr. Frum, who wrote speeches adding intellectual fodder the worst kind of state violence against brown skin innocents in faraway lands, is now correcting a Gallup poll to argue that most Americans don’t need firearms because they live in a largely non-violent nation. In a Daily Beast article today, Frum cites the establishment’s Gray Lady of propaganda, the New York Times, to argue that Gallup got it wrong – there was not a spike in gun ownership, as Gallup claimed and the news media reported, but indeed a long-term trend in reduced gun ownership has continued uninterrupted, thus revealing the sensibility of Americans and their wise decision to disarm — for the safety of the children, of course.

The New York Times reported researchers stating a small increase, from 32 to 34 percent, “was not statistically significant” despite a steady increase in gun sales with the re-appointment of Obama and also a surge in sales following the Newtown massacre and politicians vowing to shut down the Second Amendment. Frum’s CNN noted a record breaking increase in gun sales as recently as March 5 when it reported the “gun industry has seen a spike in demand from consumers who fear new regulations could limit their ability to buy certain firearms.”

The Canadian and “sensible Republican” Frum continues to insist the “police can protect you, and will, and do,” despite the dreary fact the police cannot protect you and, in fact, have no obligation to do so. In Frum’s America – an upper middle class America where the establishment’s protected intelligentsia live in gated communities of privilege – there is no need for an antiquated gun culture.

But then, as the student of history Frum may or may not know, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with protection from street criminals or deer hunting. It is about resisting tyranny.

“The historical reality of the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to shoot deer,” writes the patriot Judge Andrew Napolitano. “It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right to shoot at them effectively, with the same instruments they would use upon us. If the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto had had the firepower and ammunition that the Nazis had, some of Poland might have stayed free and more persons would have survived the Holocaust.”

As a Jew, you’d think David Frum would understand this. But he doesn’t. Because he is a member of an intellectual class that has no use for revolution or the natural right to shoot tyrants effectively. Frum believes the police and the people they ultimately work for will protect us. He does not seem capable of understanding that when the Night of the Long Knives arrives, he will be one of the first victims.

» The police will protect you, so turn in your gun Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

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