The Post Spreads Infectious Education Stories

May 14, 2020 by

The New York Post has provided us with an activity that would in case of perpetual quarantine keep us busy until the end of time.  It would distract us from the paralysis of sequestration while ameliorating symptoms of stir-craziness.

It’s a solitary comedy-of-errors game. There’s a hypnotic redundancy to it: count the  hostile and hysterical references to public education and teacher unions that have appeared in the New York Post relentlessly since its present ownership took over.

It will numb your brain and freeze all sense of the monotonous passage of time.

Last week,, for example, Bob McManus, blamed the teachers union for the kinks in the current remote-learning experiment. He stuck in a groove of  depicting  the educators’ professional organization as run by obstructionists, extortionists and godfathers.

There’s been an almost infinite number of scurrilous,defective and deceitful characterizations in the Post over the years.  Slander is their brand.

Occasionally, however, they print education-related investigative reports that target the DOE and overlap the criticism of the DOE made by public school advocates. Because it serves the point they want to make, they may in these instances hold off attacking the public schools and its unionists. But their restraint is not driven by respect.

Don’t be deterred by nostalgia for your pre-pandemic routine.  By the time you have enumerated all the journalistic sins of the Post as regards education coverage, the plague will have passed and hopefully we’ll have our lives back again.

Ron Isaac

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