The problem with high-tech ‘personalized’ learning tools

Mar 13, 2013 by

4296-4062By Sabrina Joy Stevens –

I’ve been blessed with many great learning experiences, but one of my favorites involved the first time I read “Little Women.”

Towards the end of third grade, our class was saying goodbye to our much-loved student teacher. As part of our good byes, Miss P gave each of us a small gift. I can still remember how warmly and genuinely she smiled as she handed me a small copy of the classic book. “I know it’s pretty old,” she said, “but I really think you’ll like it. Especially Jo.”

An avid reader, I was excited and grateful. Over the next few days, as I raced through the pages and discovered that– yes, I really did like this book, and especially Jo—I remember feeling even more warm, fuzzy and grateful. I felt really special, knowing that she “knew” me enough to know how much I’d enjoy this. What was a small act for her made me feel seen and understood. I felt like I mattered.

via The problem with high-tech ‘personalized’ learning tools.

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