The process of zeroing on a catchy and creative business name

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If making your company the talk of the town is your objective then you must do everything to ensure that you choose the right name. Business names contribute to business success, and there should not be any doubt about it because the converse is equally true. Selecting a wrong name for your business can drive it into obscurity that naturally leads to failure. The ideal name would be one that aptly conveys the uniqueness of the business as well as its expertise and value like the ones you would find at

The impact of a business name is not restricted to the business identity only but stretches up to the brand which is why it plays a critical role in building perception about the business. To arrive at the catchy and creative business name, you must ensure a few things. The name must be original and unique that you should start loving and make it lovable to consumers. In addition, it must be user-friendly and future-proof, meaning that it remains relevant despite the business evolving over the years and taking some new shape. 

In this article, we will discuss these qualities in detail and provide some guidance to go through the process of business name creation. How to take advantage of using keywords in business names, how it is possible to impose creative constraints and many more aspects will come up for discussion here.

Maintain originality

Any business name should be capable of standing out from the crowd and to achieve it the name must be original. This is an uncompromising factor when deciding on a business name. The name must have some compelling elements that make people sit up and take notice instead of just glossing over it and then forgetting it altogether. It should never happen that the business name you choose falls under the latter category.  The search or original names involves participating in a series of brainstorming sessions to gather as many ideas as possible without trying to edit it on the table. This would help to have wider options and more choices.

Expand your hunt for original names by using a keyword tool to get a list of related keywords in your business niche by typing a keyword in the search box. It is an excellent source of finding inspiration for your name. Books can be another source for gathering leads about inspirational names for business. List out words that resonate with you even if it does not relate to your business. Another innovative way to create original names is to engage in some wordplay that throws up some attractive words that can pair up well with some business feature that results in a flurry of creative names. For example, a frozen dessert or milk product business can assume the name Spoon Me, and Sole Search can be an original name of a shoe repairing company.

Make it user-friendly

The name’s attraction lies in how easy it is for users to pronounce and spell it and even type it. If you do not fulfill these conditions, no amount of originality can make the name effective for business purposes. Just imagine how easy it is to spell, pronounce and type Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the like. Correct typing ensures that consumers reach your website only because even if one letter is spelt wrong, it will lead to some other site and spoil your business prospects. For punchier names, limit your choices to one-word or two-word syllables like PayPal or Squarespace. Choosing words that are verbs like Shopify or Dropbox is another form of creativity. Seek feedback from trusted friends and colleagues about the names that you shortlist for selection to gauge its user-friendliness.

Look for a future-proof name

Since business changes its course over time and can acquire a completely different shape and form in future, you must ensure that despite the evolution the name remains relevant. People should be able to relate to the business and brand despite changes in products and services. For example, if your business if for women’s shoes, and later you branch out into shoes for men, the name must comfortably adapt to the change. Refrain from including any product attribute in the name (like some gender hint) so that it stays relevant regardless of whether you sell shoes for men or women.

Having decided on the business name which should also become the domain name, check about its availability on the Brandroot website that contains a vast inventory of business names. You can use some tools that help to check domain availability along with the .com extensions and its numerous alternatives. If you hit a roadblock with your name, make minor changes to it by adding some prefix or suffix, and the tweaking could help to get the name that you have already started loving.

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