The Pros and Cons of Going to a Business School

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Business school pros and cons

If you’re seriously contemplating on the next step to take to advance your career, you might be thinking about going to business school. Before you take the plunge, it would help to know what the pros and cons are.

  • Pros
  1. Earning more

A study done on business graduates reveal that they earned fifty percent more than they did before getting a degree. Five years after graduation, the increase in income was eighty percent.

  • Advancing career-wise

It’s true that there are thousands of corporate executives today who don’t have a university diploma. There are also many online entrepreneurs who earn thousands of dollars every month from maintaining websites like These individuals prove that you don’t need formal training to succeed.

But then, you can’t also deny that a business degree can be the ticket to achieve your career goals faster, whether you’re just starting out, considering a career switch, or aspiring for a higher position in your current company.

A recent survey conducted indicated that more than eighty percent of employers prefer hiring people who completed a business education. Sometimes, having a  “business degree graduate” showing in your resume can be enough to have you included in the shortlist.

  • Building a network

While in school, you’ll get to meet other ambitious individuals who have an entrepreneurial mindset. These are your fellow students, professors, and alumni. In the coming years, when you’ll be putting your skills to work in the real world, these connections will prove invaluable.

Determination and knowledge are vital elements in achieving your goal, but the help provided by the member of your business network makes climbing the ladder of success so much easier.

  • Acquiring technical smarts

Maybe the lack of necessary skills is what’s keeping you from fulfilling your dream of starting your own company. Going to business school could be the answer, where you’ll be trained to think and act like an entrepreneur.

While it’s also possible to start a business without formal training and learn the ropes via a real-world application, it will undoubtedly take much longer for you to figure things out and succeed. What you learn in business school can provide you with a solid foundation that enables you to lead your company, and give it the best opportunity to grow to its full potential.

  • Cons
  1. Getting quality education

Not all schools provide the same quality of education. Remember that thousands of students are conferred with a business degree every year, so being a graduate won’t make you stand out but being an alumnus from a reputable school will. Thus, you have to be picky in choosing which learning institution and business program to enroll in.

  • Competing against other graduates

With the job market filled with applicants possessing similar qualifications as you do, you might realize that an MBA or BBA isn’t giving you the career opportunities you expected.

Instead of enrolling in a general business degree, you can choose a specialized curriculum that allows you to learn more specific expertise. This way, you will be equipped with a distinct set of skills that sets you apart from the others.

  • Paying high costs

Enrolling in business school is expensive. Paying for a top-rated education can set you back at least a hundred thousand dollars. Even online courses are not cheap, as you need to spend thousands of dollars to register. While generally more affordable, online business degree programs are not cheap either.

If you’re currently employed, you can opt to be a part-time student and attend classes at night. This way, your income will help pay for your school fees. You can also find out if the company you’re working for offers monetary help to workers who want to pursue further education. You can then avail of the funding assistance to lessen the financial burden.

  • Committing more time

It won’t be just money you’ll be spending to attend business school. You will have to commit time as well. Earning a degree can take three years or more, depending on the kind of program and if you’re doing it full-time or part-time.

Earning a degree and having a day job at the same time require strict discipline and time-management on your end, so be prepared for some trying times. The good thing here is that going through these tough experiences will instill qualities that you can utilize in your entrepreneurial endeavors in the future.

You can be more confident about your decision if you’re aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of going to business school. If you have the ambition and passion for business, then all the effort, time, and money that you spend in earning a degree will be worth it. Enroll in a good school and consider it as your stepping stone towards a path of business success.

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