The Reigning 2 Percent: An America More Chaotic and Divided

Jan 15, 2012 by

by Peter Stern –

During the past several generations that small percent got filthy stinking rich from all our legal and undeclared wars and they sent our jobs overseas while diverting and depleting our social security tax dollars on other interests.

Many of our soldier children were killed in the name of some obscure commitment in God-forsaken areas of the world. In retrospect, our tax dollars should have been spent more at home on domestic issues, creating jobs and maintaining our infrastructures. Our soldiers are returning home, many in shock and awe, with few jobs open to them and a lack of needed medical and psychological services available. It will be hard to fit into a society that is no longer user-friendly.

For the past several generations, we should have been properly enforcing our immigration laws and perhaps modifying them to fit in the 21st Century. Now, it is too late and we are paying for that blunder.

We remain a nation divided. It is the opposite of what Rick Santorum states when he says “…there is no class war or struggle in America.” Wrong! In fact, Santorum shows he is out-of-touch with most of us, despite his so-called “blue collar” background.

During the past several decades there has always been a class struggle and it continues on a more urgent level for the majority of Americans.

Once upon a time in America, there was a middle class. But that was then and this is now. There is only a small glimmer of a middle class that was the backbone of our nation.

We need a massive change in Government ASAP or the number of ultra poor will continue to rise. That is NOT the America any of us needs or wants. We are playing out the Great American Tragedy. We need to dig into the trenches and make a last stand for honor, freedom and our very lives as Americans are at stake. We are at a critical juncture of American history and since our leaders won’t stop their quest for wealth above the community good, then it once again it falls upon the American people.

Today, 40 percent of our leaders are millionaires. That fact should frighten and anger real Americans. That fact should propel us to demand changes in our government and in our leaders. So, why are we NOT implementing positive changes?

We need to take a long hard look at ourselves and then stand-up and demand a return to our Constitution and better adherence to its principles, guidelines and freedoms. There are fewer checks and balances than what our forefathers recommended and we need to get back on-track. Government officials have too much power that they abuse. We need to heal ourselves quickly.



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