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Even more fantastic is Romney’s avowal that he’s pro-marriage and did everything in his power to forestall the mockery it’s become in the Gay State – a judicially-transmitted disease that’s spreading nationwide.
In 2002, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (Elena Kagan in overdrive) decided that our state constitution mandated unnatural marriage and ordered the Mass. Legislature to pass enabling legislation. The legislature did nothing, noting perhaps that said constitution gives the governor and legislature sole and exclusive jurisdiction over matters pertaining to marriage.

Romney could have followed the legislature’s example and done nothing. He could have notified the court’s one-vote majority that he would take their attempt to have unnatural relations with the state constitution as letters of resignation and wished them bon voyage.

Instead, when the court’s deadline expired, he acted as if the legislature had acted and ordered city and town clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses to Chuck and Larry.

But he believes in traditional marriage, really he does – almost as much as he believes in judicial restraint. In his time as governor, Romney appointed more Democrats than Republicans to the bench, including two gay activists. Don’t expect Romney to pick constitutionalists like Thomas and Scalia for the Supreme Court. We’d be luck to get more Anthony Kennedys.

Nearly as hilarious as his explanation of why he became pro-life and how he tried to save marriage in Massachusetts is Mitt’s insistence that Romney Care wasn’t a forerunner of Obama Care…


So the case for Romney is based on what? He lied his way to victory in a liberal state, by credibly claiming he’s a liberal? He’s only been married once? (On that basis, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid – who’ve both been married longer – are better qualified?) He had a conversion to the pro-life camp that nearly no one believes? He says he really, really likes marriage a la Genesis, but facilitated the first major victory for gay unions? There are semantic differences between Romney Care and Obama Care? He has a nice haircut and doesn’t get totally tongue-tied in a debate?


Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,

11.25.11 – Boston Herald — Freeloaders jump on, off insurance, costing Massachusetts taxpayers millions…same problem in Obamacare


“A gaping loophole in state insurance rules that lets freeloaders pick up coverage to pay for expensive surgeries — and then dump it once they’re treated — has cost taxpayers as much as $37 million a year, according to a study that warns the same wrinkle in Obamacare could add a staggering $2 billion a year to the deficit-wracked federal budget.”


[To read the rest of the article, please go to this Boston Herald link:

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