The Rise of Essay Mills in the Last Decade

Apr 16, 2019 by

Today, most of the things we need are just a click away. We can find information by using our fingertips, order food and buy clothes, and pay people to do our tasks in return for some cash. The online system seems to be working effectively and smoothly for both sides – those who order and those who sell.

In the rise of online services, there’s one particular industry that has drastically grown in the past decade – essay mills. An essay-mill service will write a custom assignment in return for some of your money. They don’t come free, but some of them are actually very affordable.

The Popularity of Essay Mills Today

Naturally, students love these. Being able to get online help from a writer, for example at the EasyEssay website, who specializes in written content is something no student even dreamt of in the past. And while schools and universities call out to the educational system to ban these services, essay mills are still very legal.

In fact, they are so popular, students pay a fortune to people to write their essays on regular basis. The Swansea University reported a growth in students who admitted to have ordered papers online in a period of four years. According to their research, cheating at universities with the help of essay mills has risen by 15.7%, while the two biggest essay mills sell papers to more than twenty thousand students every year.

The debate over whether this is ethical or not – is huge. Some believe that because of the enormous burden students have to carry around while studying, they are entitled to some help every once in a while. Others believe that this is unethical and can hurt the actual academic development of students, not to mention that it is a type of cheating of the educational system.

Based on the study published in The Telegraph: ‘’as many as one in seven university students have cheated on their degrees by paying someone else to write their essays for them.’’ Such an interest has resulted in thousands of websites online who offer amazing, stress-free help for affordable rates. All students have to do to get their essays today is provide some general details about the assignment, the deadline and the word count.

Now, as anything else on the web, the quality of service provided by these websites is as varying as the rates being offered by the different companies. Students who need some essay help can actually order a custom-made essay online, at an affordable rate, and submit it without anyone knowing what they did. It is completely legal, but it does come with its own risks.

Since it is still legal, writing companies don’t attempt at all to ‘work in the shadows’. On the Web, a simple search in a search engine will result in thousands of promotions and special offers, and companies that offer the very best to their customers. Even so, if a student does decide to pay a company for an essay, they need to make sure that the essay writing service in question is actually trustworthy and legit.

Who Orders from Essay Mills

In the beginnings when essay mills were first created on the Web, they were mostly used by students who needed papers written in a more developed English language. Now, it is not only used by international students who needed some language help, but also by natives who struggle to do their tasks within the assigned deadline.

The Telegraph has also reported that in the past two years, online writing companies have reported an increase of over 20% in native customers. Whether these students lacked in writing skills, had limited access to research, or struggled with time – the reasons are unknown.

Online services don’t ask for the reason why a student orders online, but according to students, most of them order for one of the following reasons:

  • They have an assignment that’s too hard for them to finish on their own
  • Their schedule doesn’t leave them enough room to write the assignment well, or at all
  • Professors give impossible deadlines or requirements that only an expert can meet
  • They don’t possess writing talents or skills necessary to write a given assignment
  • They want some time off to spend with friends or their family

Professors and the educational system in general consider this as cheating. According to them, students breach the unwritten contract that they should work on their own assignment in order to build their skills. When a student orders online, professors can’t get a real perspective of how well they are doing and the grading process is unfair and unreliable.

On the other side, we have the students who love essay mills so much, they even become regulars once they find a good service.

The truth is, essay mills are the very-needed help students have been looking for a long time now. And since they are widely available nowadays, it is only natural that their popularity has grown. Of course, the risks of hiring bad companies or people finding out about a student’s order still do exist, but in the end – writing companies are still legit and allowed to sell papers.

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