The self-proclaimed “King of Texas” Keeps a Secret State Government

Aug 29, 2011 by

Governor Rick “I demand an open Federal Government” Perry is a Hypocrite
by Peter Stern

The public is NOT permitted to view the records and documents of Governor Rick Perry. Period!

One of the main issues in the 2012 GOP Primary must become the SECRET State Government exploits of one Rick Perry, who no less than DEMANDS that President Barack Obama and the Federal Government open their doors and documents to the public.

Old Rick “do as I say, not as I do” Perry refuses to permit the public to review his questionable records since he became Texas Governor back in Year 2000 and the State Legislature and Courts are letting him get away with it.

As an article in the Houston Chronicle points out, even George W. Bush opened his gubernatorial records when he ran for President. Rick Perry must be forced to do the same. Who exactly is going to force Perry to open his records to the public? The voters.

American voters and the media MUST DEMAND that Rick Perry permits the public to view his gubernatorial documentation. Under the Texas Public Records Act, the public is supposed to be able to access his documents; however, Perry has not been forced to open them to the public. Hence, Perry maintains a secret State Government!

Sounds like Perry is trying to hide something? You bet he is! Lots of things.

Only the voters will get Perry to unleash his gubernatorial documents if they refuse to consider voting for him until he does so.

Contact your officials and demand that Perry open his own doors to the public. Don’t let Perry get away with being a hypocrite.

Here is your government contact link

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