“The Slow Walking Kindness Reflection Activity for Kids”: Podcast #1, #2, and #3

Mar 2, 2016 by

Jeffrey Pflaum –

For my recent post on ED NEWS, “The Slow Walking Kindness Reflection Activity for Kids,” I created 3 short podcasts to follow up on this meditative-and-physical exercise that will motivate and re-channel kids’ thinking-and-feeling awareness in the present moment.

My approach takes a more creative look at the traditional “walking meditation.” It combines kindness, reflection, music, contemplation, writing, and discussion. In the original post at http://www.educationviews.org/slow-walking-kindness-reflection-activity-kids/, I give step-by-step instructions for this novel, quirky, and emotionally healthy exercise for kids and adults.

Please listen to my 3-part podcast for the above post:

• Podcast #1: For all those mindful, contemplative educators, check out the introduction to an experimental, experiential activity that will intrigue kids from elementary (grade 3 and beyond). I tried my own creation and surprised myself with what I experienced. The link is: http://pulse.bamradionetwork.com/jeffrey-pflaum/radio/323/the-slow-walking-kindness-reflection-activity-for-kids-part-1.

• Podcast #2: Here you will find more detailed information about this entertaining and challenging exercise for students. This follow-up to Podcast #1 can be found at: http://pulse.bamradionetwork.com/jeffrey-pflaum/radio/345/the-slow-walking-kindness-reflection-activity-for-kids-part-2.

For the activity, the kids (1) walk slowly, (2) take each step as an act of kindness, (3) imagine and experience kindness flowing through them, (4) stop, at times to reflect on what’s happening inside/outside, and, (5) after 15 minutes of “walking,” (6) sit and listen to music, (7) contemplate what they did during the overall activity, (8) write about their outer/inner experiences, (9) enjoy a class discussion, (10) where teacher and/or students read aloud the responses that are probed through the discussion leader’s questions.

Note: This physical and contemplative journey is best performed in a gym or playground. Rules are set up prior to the exercise to keep the “walking part” under control.

• Podcast #3: In the podcast finale to “The Slow Walking Kindness Reflection Activity for Kids” (good for adults, too), I describe my experience with this fun, provocative, and multi-sensory exercise.

Please listen to the 12-minute show at: http://pulse.bamradionetwork.com/jeffrey-pflaum/radio/378/the-slow-walking-kindness-reflection-activity-for-kids-part-3, and if you like what you hear, try it out yourself, you might like it…and create a change in the classroom environment.

Note: If you’re unsure of the procedures, return to Podcasts #1 and #2, or my first post on ED NEWS (see above link) to find out how to do it.

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